Monday, July 2, 2018

They keep us laughing!

Me: Relax! You know what Grandad says? 90% of the things we worry about never even happen.
K: Then maybe I should start worrying about all the things so that they don't happen.

After getting mad that I threw something away that she longer played with:
Me: When was the last time you even played with it?
K: December 2017.

Me: Daddy is a very focused person. When he has something to do, he gets it done.
K: That's just weird.

K: You're not going to have anything to do on Mother's Day!
Me: How nice! So you're going to do everything for me?!
K (long pause): What exactly do you do?

Me, singing: "Turn your eyes upon Jesus..."
R, squinting his eyes tight: I did it! I did it!

Me: Can you stay a little boy forever?
R: No, I not a little boy. I a nice man.

R, authoritatively, as though making an announcement: I don't eat peas.

R's way of saying he's scared of something: I scary.

R, singing: Baa, baa black sheep-- I the black sheep. Mommy, you the dame. 

R, pointing to our Cinco de Mayo photo strip from the celebration at K's school: It's hola, Mommy! Hola!!!

R, pointing to a picture of George Washington crossing the Potomac: Is that Moana?

R: Funny!
Me: What's funny?
R: Me! Ry-Ry!!!

Me: It's VBS day!
R: Emerson???
Me: Yes, you'll probably see Emerson.
R: O-kayyy, I'll go.

Me: You made a mess with your rice!!
R: Yeahhhh, I a hungry boy.

Me: I missed you today! Did you miss me?
R: No.

R: Let me see!
K: Let me see, please
R: Please!
K: Now say the whole sentence.
R: The whole sentence.

R: (suddenly coming up to me and reaching out to shake my hand) It's nice to see you!!
Me: It's nice to see you, too!
R: Ok, bye ma'am!

R, to his Sunday School teachers: Daddy a bus driver. He drive a yellow bus!

R, to me: Daddy works at Walmart. Moves carts.

R, after I said several family members' full names: Good job with your words, Mommy.

R, looking at very ripe bananas: Hahahahaha! Those bananas in chocolate!

R: Gimme that!
Me: I don't understand "gimme." Try "May I have..."
(moments later)
R: Oh my gosh!
Me: Let's say "Oh my goodness."
R: (big sigh) Oh my gimme.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jeeps and Jellybeans

I'm so proud of Ryan! This little guy is potty trained! Potty training was sponsored by Starburst jellybeans and Jeeps. At Easter we learned that he loves jellybeans, so he quickly caught on to earning one jellybean at a time for potty training. He's obsessed with all things "vroom", but especially Jeeps (we have no idea why), so after some big successes, he earned a ride in a Jeep-- either our friend Paul's Jeep or Tio Jonathan's (so grateful for friends/family who rejoice with us in milestones!). One day Ryan got to ride in the Jeep to Costco, one of his favorite places. On the way, we happened to see firetrucks and tractors. Let's just say it was a good day to be Ryan!

AND, for the most part, Ryan has stopped sucking his thumb. This is HUGE. He was HARD CORE. As in, every single one of my ultrasound pictures show him sucking his thumb. We've been dreading breaking this habit, but one day Dave simply mentioned to Ryan that "Big boys don't put their thumbs in their mouths." Ryan clearly did not like that, as he is very proud of being a big boy. And just like that, Ryan stopped. If he sucks his thumb in bed, he confesses it to me the next morning. What in the world?!? It's very strange, but I'll take it! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Dave is the one who said it; Ryan ADORES his daddy. 

Another big thing in the life of Ryan was going to a baseball game recently. We went as a family and I honestly thought it was risky to bring a 2 year old to a game. But he LOVED it! He's still talking about it and always saying he wants to watch baseball on tv with Daddy.

And of course, he charmed alllll the ladies sitting around us with those big brown eyes and coy smile! He's getting so big so fast.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hand Camp 2018

We got to go to Scottish Rite's Hand Camp this year! This was a really big deal because the camp could only accommodate a limited number of families. We went two years ago and loved it, and this year may have been even better. 1st grade has been a little rough for Katelyn, arm-wise, and she really needed Hand Camp. It's the one time of year that she can be around other kids she doesn't know and no one will ask questions, make "broken arm" comments, whisper, or stare. The kids at camp, and many of the counselors, have some form of upper limb difference. It is a family camp, so siblings of limb difference kids attend (Ryan isn't old enough yet), but no one thinks twice when they see others with missing fingers, a little arm, or no arm at all. It just seems normal! In fact, when we returned from camp, I had to look twice when I saw kids without limb differences. Ha!

Hula hoop and jump rope happened every day before meals

cooking class-- making apple donuts and zucchini pizzas

making her pillow case... all on her own, she wrote "we are all different"

finished product

making a jar aquarium

Our family brick from Hand Camp two years ago! 

Knowing Katelyn needed to overcome some fears, we signed up for the rock climb/zip line. It took a lot of prodding and she was not a fan, but she did it!

We are so very thankful for Scottish Rite and the opportunity to go to Hand Camp. Thankful for new friendships made, new experiences, and time with our girl.

Friday, April 6, 2018

They keep us laughing!

Me (having a very long, in-depth discussion about God): ... and God knows everything about you-- even what your next thought it going to be!
K: So God knows how many meters long this house is?

K: Ugh! This is maddening! My invention is just not working!!!!
Me: I'm sorry, maybe try again later?
K: No, I just need some quiet time to think about this.

Me: I just realized at your next birthday party, you'll turn 7. I need a moment to cry, please.
K: It's ok, Mommy, you'll turn a year older, too!

Me: Why didn't you eat your carrots at lunch?
K: I didn't have time and you gave me a lot.
Me: Ok, you can eat them tomorrow-- for breakfast!
K (dryly): Oh Mommy, you're always good for a laugh.

Me: Why is there a sign on your door that says $5?
K: Well, it's not for you, Daddy, or Ryan. But anyone else who wants to enter my room has to pay $5.

Me, skeptical that all her carrots were gone: Have you been throwing away the carrots you don't want in your lunch at school?
K: No, I've been eating them. But that's what I used to do in kindergarten.

After a long discussion about what it means to confess our sins:
K: Mommy, I think I need to be honest with you about something.
Me: Ok, I'm listening.
K (deep breath and in a high, squeaky voice): Well... you know how sometimes you say I can have one piece of candy well sometimes I have two but I can'thelpitcandyisthebest!!!! 
Me: Is there anything else you need to be honest about?
K (back to her normal voice): Yeah, in kindergarten I also used to throw away my sandwich at lunch. Man, being honest like this sure feels weird.

K (watching the Olympics): I want to go to Israel and meet that figure skater.
Me: That's a long way to go to meet one person!
K: Well, on Sunday at church they said they're taking a trip to Israel soon. Maybe I could go with them.

Me: Throw away that toothbrush, please. I got you a new one.
K (10 minutes later and very solemnly): Mommy, I need you to come here. It's time for the funeral. 

K: Ryan is two. Man, it's going to be a bad year!
Me: Why?
K: Because he's two! And two year olds these days!!

K, on an airplane as it was landing: My ear made a fart noise!

D: Bye Ryan, have a good day!
R: Adios!

Me: I wouldn't trade you or Ryan for anything in this world.
K: What about your salmon?

R, lying down without a shirt on, laid on the floor, stretched his arms behind his head, sighed, and said, "It's a hot day!"

R: Where's my da-dor (tractor)?
Me: At home. Baylor's going to watch your tractor while we're gone.
R: (distraught) Oh noooo!!!!
Me: No, Baylor will not be ON your tractor. Baylor will be sleeping. It's still YOUR tractor.


Ryan is really verbal, but when he doesn't know how to pronounce a word, he substitutes it with the sound that it makes:

Fire truck/police car = whee-oh, whee-oh (like the sound of a siren)
Fire in fireplace = whee-oh 
Santa = ho ho
Sheep = baa baa
Horse = neigh neigh
... and so on. I love it.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Puerto Rico!

We had the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico with Dave's family over Spring Break. I've never been to Puerto Rico (or even outside the continental U.S.) and wondered if we were all crazy for taking a big trip with young kids. The 4-5 hour flight felt long... and as it turns out, I'm pretty sure my max for keeping 2 kids entertained on an airplane happens to be 4-5 hours. But we made it! And I loved seeing all the islands along our flight path! Beautiful. 

Fun fact: Hurricane Maria took all the street signs around the airport, so there's really no way to know if you're going in the right direction as you leave the airport. Nana, the kids, and myself were in the car headed to the resort first, and we unknowingly turned the wrong way. We did a lot of accidental sight-seeing--again, no directional signs along the interstate--and finally found some English speakers who could help us. They were so, so nice and told us that we should be using Google Maps, not the Apple map, on our phones because Google Maps was more accurate after the hurricane. They also reminded us that, since we were from Texas, our 54 mile journey back to the resort would be no big deal!

Puerto Rico is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. It felt like we were the only people at the resort. I seriously counted about 10 other people that we saw there the entire time. We were told that the week before had been really busy, so I guess our timing was good!

This lasted all of about 10 seconds. Ryan HATED the sand touching his feet or getting into his sandals.

He also hated the water.

There were two beautiful pools at the resort, and he didn't want anything to do with either of them. 

Proof that we actually got him on the sand... so long as he had a beach towel to sit on. Even then, he was so uncomfortable when sand got on the towel.

Luckily, there was grassy area near the pool and that's where he wanted to be.

Ryan may hate sand and water, but he could spend all day going "vroom vroom" in a golf cart. 

Katelyn and I found so many shells. Her favorite were the "unicorn horns."

These two cousins were born just months apart and are polar opposites: one is cautious and calculated and the other is fearless and adventurous. But they get along so well and seem to have their own little language!

We played a LOT of UNO after the boys went to bed.

These beautiful iguanas were everywhere! This one was at least the size of my leg, hip to ankle.

The weather and scenery were absolutely perfect. We had SUCH a wonderful time!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan is two. Two!! He is SO much fun right now. I love this age because he’s so eager to talk, enthusiastic about everything, and uninhibited. It’s all on the table. He hasn't quite hit terrible twos yet, so I'm soaking up the sweetness now.

There are a few things that stand out in this phase that I do not want to forget.

First, his beloved tractor. It was originally at Nana's house and he went nuts over it every time we visited, so Nana decided it made more sense for the tractor to live with us. This is the toy that's going to be with us forEVER, that we keep for his own child someday. When he wakes up in the morning, he says, "Where's Dada? Where's Katelyn? Where's tractor?" It's so special to him. 

This was the look on his face when he realized the tractor was in OUR living room instead of at Nana's

Next, Ryan's love for drawing. I mean he really, really LOVES to draw, especially with pen. Plain paper, big sister’s artwork, bills, the decision clipboard he discovered on the pew at church—everything within his reach is fair game, apparently. I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't draw for an extended period of time. My mom gave him a pen with a removable cap and he is fascinated by it. It’s going to be a sad day when he uses up all the ink in that pen-- which will no doubt happen. 

I turned my head for 2 seconds and Ryan made lots of decisions for Christ

And as he’s drawing, he pretends to draw/write the names of specific people… he doesn’t know how to spell or write words/shapes, of course, but he calls out random letters and shapes as he’s drawing and proudly tells me what he’s done. My favorite is when he cracks himself up when he draws something he thinks is funny. There is so much I love about all of this.

And last, his relationship with Katelyn. I think one reason I'm loving this stage is because I get to watch Katelyn's response to Ryan growing. They're such good friends. She’s quite the little mama and loves teaching him new things, and Ryan soaks up the attention. Katelyn is religious about dressing her dolls into their pajamas and tucking them into their bed each night. Well, one evening when Katelyn wasn’t home, Ryan went up to her room and had me help him dress one of her dolls in pajamas and tuck it into bed. When finished, he promptly said "all done" and went to ride his tractor. SO SWEET. 

Hard to believe he is already two but I'm so excited for what this next year will bring!