Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Tooth and They keep us laughing!

“I just don’t know about this...”

That was the phrase Katelyn said over and over regarding her first loose tooth. I’ll never forget her wide eyes one morning when she gasped and said that she had a very loose tooth. She was panicked. Several months before she was convinced her tooth was loose, but nothing ever came of it. This time it was real and legit cause for alarm.

And honestly, it was really hard not to chuckle at her reaction, because let’s face it, she’s a funny kid. But this was not funny to her; losing her first tooth at age six is serious business.

Katelyn does not like the anticipation of new experiences, so this forced reality of losing a tooth was a mental and emotional adjustment beyond her level of comfort. I tried to play it off as no big deal, thinking she would relax a little. She did not. In typical Katelyn style, she fretted and analyzed and needed to talk about it and prepare as best she could. So, we prayed that God would help her be brave. She tucked her little tooth container in her backpack, just in case. She sought reassuring conversations with friends and Annabelle who have been there, done that. Dave and I told stories of when we lost our first teeth. For several weeks Katelyn all but refused to let anyone near her mouth to check the progress of the loose tooth. She carefully tried to avoid chewing with her front teeth. 

I really wish that tooth would’ve just randomly fallen out one day and put us all out of her misery. 

Then one night, she nervously told me that her tooth was very, very loose. I finally convinced her to let me look at it. Oh, goodness! How that tooth was still hanging on, I'll never know. I seriously thought it might fall out if I just looked at it wrong. I told her that it was time to let the tooth go because I was afraid she was going to swallow it. So she took a deep breath and let me pull it.

And then she mourned the loss of it. 

Before bed she told me, "This morning I prayed that today would be the day I would lose my tooth." I asked her why today, and she said it was because she was just tired of dealing with it and wanted it to be done. By the way, loose tooth #2 is already underway and she's not the least bit worried about it.


Me: If this doll bed is difficult to put together, I'm not doing it tonight. 
K: I'll help you! Teamwork makes the dream work, Mommy.

K, getting in the car: Thanks for the Uber! (no clue how she knows about Uber)

K: I want to go up to the moon and see if it's really made of cheese.

Me: You and I are a lot alike. Always thinking of things to make!
K: Yeah, but I don't want to be an artist. They don't make a lot of money. I want to work at the American Girl store. I know their workers make a lot because their dolls are expensive.

K: I've always wanted to go to Africa.
Me: What do you want to see?
K: Giraffes. Zebras. Elephants. Pandas. Armadillos.

K: Ryan, you're going into time out when we get home.
Me: You don't get to do that. You're not the boss of him.
K: Well... I kind of am.

K (while driving to church and without any context): Once I saw a bat eating a banana and a watermelon.

Me: Dear God, thank you for...
R: Dada! Mama! Katelyn! And vroom vroom!!!!

R, standing on top of a toy: I so funny!

Me: Can you say books?
R: Books!
Me: Can you say apple?
R: App-ee!
Me: Can you say love?
R: No.

Me: Why did you leave Ryan upstairs by himself?
K: I didn't, he has my imaginary friend with him.

K: Who in our family speaks Chinese?
Me: Um, I don't think anybody. Are you looking to have something translated?
K: No, I was just checking.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Things I Love Right Now

My messy art table. Ok, maybe the mess drives me crazy sometimes and I have plans to better organize the space, but I love the reason it’s messy. Katelyn spends hours at this table creating all sorts of things. She put 28 presents under our Christmas tree, all of them handmade and wrapped herself. My art table was a Christmas present from my parents when I was in high school. It has seen layers of charcoal and pastels and paint and design and failed college art projects and successful great ideas. Years ago when money was tight and the art table was being stored under a bed because we didn’t have room for it, I suggested we sell it. Without hesitation, Dave shook his head and encouraged me to keep it, and I’m so glad I listened to him. Now, my art table is covered in paper and glitter glue and stickers and whatever else Katelyn needs to execute her own great ideas. She and I both need this creative space (because without it, we would be making a mess elsewhere in the house!).

What's that? Ryan is learning to talk and often asks, "What's that?" I love this, not just because it is adorable, but because it's a reminder of his innocence and the honor it is to parent and teach him so many things. 

Bedtime with Ryan. His bedroom window faces the street, so each night we open the curtains, push up the blinds, and talk about all the “vroom vrooms” driving by and tell them goodnight. We talk about cars and buses and motorcycles and bikes because he is obsessed with all things that have wheels. Even through his bedroom is dark, the street lights from outside hit his face just right and I fall in love with my handsome boy all over again. And then we sit in the rocking chair and sing “Wheels on the Bus” because it is his favorite, followed by “Matilda the Gorilla,” a song I learned 30 years ago at Glorieta Day Camp. We pray and I let him fill in the blanks for what he wants to thank God for… Dada, Mama, Katelyn, vroom vrooms, books, balls, the moon. Then he puts his head on my shoulder and I can feel him calming down and all is right in my world.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

She keeps us laughing!

Me: You should learn to play Happy Birthday on the harmonica.
K: It doesn't come with that song.

Me: Did you wash your Barbie's hair with shampoo?
K: Yes, and conditioner. I wanted it to smell nice!!

K: Those white dandelions are older than the yellow ones. That's why they've turned white.

K, playing Barbie store: Welcome to my store! I used to work at another one, but then I opened up this Barbie store.
Me: Where did you work before?
K: At Walmart. 
Me: In the toy section?
K: No, in Home and Living.

K: Today I made a bunch of drawings for you and Daddy to buy with real money!!
Me: Oh? How much are you selling them for?
K: $1,000 for everything.

K: Was Walmart around when everything was black and white?
Me: It's been around a long time... but the whole world wasn't black and white.
K: Yes it was.
Me: No, that was just TV, but I see why it's confusing--
K: I'm not confused!! I'VE SEEN THE PICTURES. People, trees-- everything was black and white.

K, dramatically throwing her head back and wailing: WHY ME?????
Me: What?
K (suddenly calm): Ryan wants all of my goldfish.

K: Why do they call it the Golf of Mexico? Maybe because they play golf there?

K, watching The Sound of Music: Those nuns should really be more active.

Me: Haha, you should dress up like a nun for Halloween. That'd be funny.
K: No thanks, it's cold on Halloween.
Me: Exactly. The long robe and headdress would keep you warm.
K: Well, I like the fresh breeze!

K, playing eye doctor: I'm afraid you need glasses.
Me: What if it rains? My lenses will get all wet and I won't be able to see!
K (plainly): Then get an umbrella.

Dave: When I was little, I liked to watch Duck Tales, He-Man, GI-Joe, Rescue Rangers...
K: Wait, I thought you only had like 3 channels back then.

K: I just love my American Girl doll. Hey, her shoes were made in China!

K: What does 'fraternal' mean?
Me: Use it in a sentence.
K: Ok. What does 'fraternal' mean?

Me: You need to make sure that the back of your shirt doesn't get tucked into your leggings.
K: I don't know how to check that.
Me: You know, just look in the mirror and turn your head to the side.
K: But that man at the zoo said humans can't turn our heads all the way around.

K: Why can't we turn?
Me: Siri said to go straight.
K: Siri needs to learn her manners!

Me: I saw something on the news about flying cars happening in the future.
K: I don't believe that.
Me: Why not?
K: Because that's just a bunch of nonsense!!

K: If we eat sunflower seeds and drink water, will sunflowers grow in our bellies?
Me: No.
K: What if we add mud?

K, throwing a goldfish cracker out the window: Bye, little fishy! You had some good times.

Me (at the store): Oh! I left my wallet in the car! Good thing I remembered before we got inside and to the checkout. Then we would have to ask them to hold our groceries while we went to get my wallet---
K: Yeahhhhh, I don't think that would be appropriate, Mama.

K: I'm going... Can I... I may not be here for awhile!!!! (quickly runs off)

K (nervously riding her bike): MAYBE YOU SHOULD PRAY THAT I DON'T FALL!
Me: Ok. God, please help Katelyn not to fall.
K (after falling 20 min later): GOD BROKE HIS PROMISE!!!!!!!

K: I would like to go to a Foot Spa. Also, how old do I have to be to get a massage?
Me: Older than six.

K: Ryan, how old are you? One!
R: Two!
K: No, you're one.
R: Two!
K: No, we're not counting. Say one.
R: Two!

K: What's that statue?
Me: Jesus washing his disciple's feet. 
Me: It was also really kind. Remember, back then they walked everywhere in sandals, so their feet were probably really dirty. Jesus was doing a very nice thing.
K: It's still disgusting.

Friday, October 27, 2017

A bit about Ryan

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged. I need to catch up!

Oh, Ryan. Our grown man trapped in a little man's body! Ryan just seems to "get" life. He's observant, knows everybody's business, and is quick to say "uh oh" when something seems off, like a light left on or a door ajar. He's particular and likes things to be how he has observed they should be. And I know it sounds weird, but he seems so logical and responsible! When I take him upstairs for a bath, he insists on first climbing up on the stool to brush his teeth. When he's done, he taps his toothbrush on the sink, dries his hands, and goes to sit on the potty, making sure to flush when he's done-- all of this without being prompted. I sort of just stand there and wonder where this 19-month old man came from... I'm available if you need me, Ryan!

Right now he's into balls-- baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, ALL THE BALLS EVERYWHERE. We have a big bucket of balls in every shape, color, size, and type, but the bucket is almost always empty because he is throwing or kicking the balls around the house. He also loves being outside, steering wheels, Mickey Mouse, and watching "Wheels on the Bus" on the iPad. 

And what a little encourager! This kid loves to cheer for people. If a sports game is on TV, he cheers with the crowd. Big sis loves to sing and dance for us, and he is her biggest fan. And I don't just mean simple clapping. He cheers "YAAAAAAAY!" with his whole face and claps enthusiastically. It is all kinds of adorable and I'm going to be so sad when this phase is over. He also waves at ALL THE PEOPLE everywhere we go. Even sitting in the car at a red light, he waves to people in the cars next to us. 

These two really, truly love each other. Ryan calls Kateyn "Yay-yah" and they play so well together. She is so affectionate towards him, and even though he's not much of a cuddler, he doesn't seem to mind. Every morning Katelyn greets Ryan with a hug and kiss, and his eyes just twinkle. Love these two.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

She keeps us laughing!

K: I bet our church was the first one in this city.
Me: Hmm, maybe. I bet we could do some research to see the history of churches in this area.
K: OF COURSE it was ours. FIRST Baptist Church.

K: Taco Bueno. That means "taco good." That makes no sense. It should be Bueno Taco.

K: I'm making you a sunflower for Mother's Day!
Me: Don't tell me that! Let me be surprised!
K: Ok. (pause) Hey, guess what? The flower in my cup at school is growing!
Me: Cool! What kind of flower is it? Oh, wait... Don't answer that.

K (explaining nursery rhymes to me): So, this little piggy ate roast beef, but this little piggy had none. He was probably a vegetarian.

K: Can you bring me any book you want and I will read it to you? Any book. I support Curious George.

K, after a family member's funeral where she chose to sit quietly by herself: I'm starving! All I had to eat this whole time were those Tic Tacs in my purse! 
Me: Are you saying you ate a box of Tic Tacs during the funeral?
K: Yes, and we need to buy some more, that orange flavor is delicious!

K: I cried on the last day of school. Other kids were crying, so I figured I might as well.

Me: I need to eat, I'm starving.
K: You mean you're hangry?

K: What is New Mexico?
Me: It's a state, remember?
K: There's already a Mexico. Why would they build another one?

K: Are cars expensive?
Me: Yes! They can be $20,000 or more, sometimes less.
K: Whoa. I don't think ANYTHING should be that expensive. That's just wastin' all your money!

K: Ryan!!!! 1... 2... bad things happen on 3, Ryan.

K, to Ryan after playfully scaring Daddy: And THAT'S how you scare a man!!!

K, while playing ball with Ryan: I have a bad feeling about this.

K, in a whisper during church: My intestines hurt.

Nana, explaining The Brady Bunch: ...So a lady who had three girls married a man who had three boys. 
K: Why is it called The Brady Bunch?
Nana: That was their last name.
K: Oh. I thought the lady braided the girls' hair a lot.

4th of July

We had a good time celebrating the 4th of July... well, most of us. We learned three things about Ryan: 1) He hates fireworks; 2) He is freakishly strong; 3) He DOES NOT like boundaries or to be constrained. And that's the most detail I'll go into because there just aren't enough words and also I don't want to relive that experience again. :) 

But we had lots of fun with cousins and grandparents and splashing and playing outside! (Papa and Grandad, somehow I didn't get pictures with y'all! Sorry! We had fun with y'all, too!)

Ryan is angrily pushing Zoe because he wants her out of the car

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

She keeps us laughing!

K (very dramatically, after getting in trouble): I am just a little girl! I don't know all these things yet!

K: Fetch, Ryan! Go get the ball!

Dave, reading a fortune cookie: "Something unusual will happen at work or school this week." Oooo, I hope it's something good!
K: It might just be nonsense.

Me: You've been really good tonight. I'm impressed.
K: Yeah... I don't really like being good. It's too hard.
Me: Well, it gets a little easier the more you're good. It becomes second nature.
K (doubtful): Is that really true?

K, reading Green Eggs and Ham: "...Would you like them in a box?" No, the box would not hold me.

K, in response to Dave and Ryan being silly: Boys these days!

Me: Good morning! Time to wake up!
K (long pause, then in a tiny whisper): I'm trying.

Dave: What's the English word for Juan?
K: One!

K, to me: I bet you're going to be a good grandma someday.

K: I want to change out my pillowcases. I want to add some color to this area.

K: Daddy, if you want to help us set up for Ryan's party, I have no problem with that.

In the middle of a song at the daddy/daughter dance:
K: Ok, I'm ready to go.
Dave: The dance is almost over and they're drawing for door prizes in 3 minutes. Can we wait 3 minutes?
K: Daddy, look at all these people. We're not going to win!

K: My shoe fell off because I don't have my personal space.

K, glancing at the book A Small Book of Prayers: Oh, this is God's book.

Me: It would be nice if you thanked me for buying you shoes. Sometimes parents sacrifice for their kids.
K: What does sacrifice mean?
Me: To give something up.
K: Oh Mommy, you should never give up!

Dave: We're having the Lord's Supper today at church.
K: Are we going? I thought we were having dinner together.

K: Ryan doesn't have allergies. There are no red cracks in his eyes!

K: I've put on some mascara, eye shadow, and lip gloss. I also added lip gloss to my brows.

K, reading a book: "There was an old lady who swallowed a chick--"
Me: How did she swallow a chick?!
K: I don't know, this is a fiction book, Mommy.

Me: Ask Daddy to get you a mommy-approved amount of ice cream.
K: What?
Me: Ask Daddy to get you a mommy-approved amount of ice cream.
K (confused): I don't understand... I can't say that.... DADDY! Can you get me a medium bowl of ice cream??