Monday, June 20, 2011

Ready, Set...

Is it July yet?  We can't wait to meet our baby girl!  Between the staggering heat outside and the less-than-pleasant Braxton-Hicks contractions, I'm having a hard time believing that our July 10 due date will actually be here in less than three weeks.

To pass the time, I find myself daydreaming... not just about the blessing of Katelyn's upcoming arrival, but about all the little joys that will come with meeting her for the first time: seeing her open her eyes, her first smile, the first time she clenches her little fist around my finger.  I used to think that at this point in pregnancy, I would be terrified about giving birth.  Instead, I'm overcome with sweet emotion at the thought of meeting our daughter.  Nothing else really matters.  I just want to meet her.

God has richly blessed us throughout this pregnancy and I can't wait to introduce Katelyn to the many people who have prayed for her.  As children, Dave and I both dreamed of becoming parents one day, and then God brought us and our dreams together as one.  He is GOOD!

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