Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend in Baytown

Last weekend we visited Dave's family in Baytown.  It was a relaxing weekend with lots of swimming!

Contemplative swimmer

There's a small window in life when you can get away with walking on the table!

She laughs when I start to sing the ABC's. I think they sing it to her at daycare and she finds it funny that I know the song, too.

A few updates:
  • Always intrigued by details, Katelyn's latest curiosity is my eyelashes.  She likes to tug on them (not cool!).
  • She finally likes books-- particularly tearing the pages out.  The only exceptions are two Paddington Bear mini-books that she LOVES.  I can recite them in my sleep. 
  • Her current favorite song is "Itsy Bitsy Spider."  I've learned that when she wants me to sing it, she holds out her thumb and index finger and smiles.  Another favorite is "The Wheels on the Bus."  In an attempt to keep her pacified on road trips, I'm proud to say that my improv skills have increased dramatically.  I've made up all sorts of verses to that song.
  • She likes to stand and peer over the edge of whatever she's holding onto-- specifically while on the changing table and in the bathtub.  This isn't something that I willingly let her do.  It's just a battle we fight every night.
While Dave and I are enjoying every moment of the present, there are things that we both long for her to grow into:
  • Dave can't wait for her to be old enough for Daddy/daughter breakfast dates on Saturday mornings.
  • I can't wait for the days of sidewalk chalk, paintbrushes, and markers!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend, etc.

Memorial Day weekend was great. On Saturday we went to a birthday party for my niece, Annabelle.  I think Katelyn enjoyed the swings.  It was her first time and she seemed to be analyzing it more than sitting back and enjoying it.

 All done.

Always thinking about something!

Without a doubt, one of my favorite pictures ever.  I love the sparkle in her eyes.

with Uncle Jeff

Still teething.

with the birthday girl

Katelyn loves turning things into games. She now initiates peek-a-boo-- as in, she holds something over MY eyes and keeps it there until I've said, "Where's Mommy?"  She thinks it's pretty funny.  :)  She also made up what we call "Recliner Tag."  With Dave in the recliner and me on the floor, she crawls up the recliner footrest, and as soon as she reaches his arms, she slithers back down into my lap... and as soon as she's in my arms, she immediately turns around and goes back up the recliner... then back down... over and over and over again until WE get tired of playing.  It's tiring to watch.

Katelyn has also started to walk with assistance!  She likes walking up and down the hallway holding on to Dave's or my finger.  Interestingly, she won't walk with shoes on.  Free spirit. :)