Thursday, November 20, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

Out of the blue, she's developed an affinity for the word "removable" and uses it with great frequency and surprising accuracy. She works "removable" into conversations approximately 5,863 times per day, yet somehow it catches me off guard every single time. Some of my favorites:

Me: Where are your clothes??
K: I took them off because they are removable.

K, watching a Jack in the Box commercial: Haha... hey, is that man's head removable?

K: The toilet is removable.
Me: Technically, yes, but it takes a lot of work to remove a toilet.
K: No, that top part [the tank lid] is removable.

K (playing Barbies): Hi Ken, I'm Barbie. My head is removable.

At CVS, after somehow taking off part of the hardware on the pharmacy's swinging door:
Me: What's in your hand?
K (delighted): I don't know, but look! It's removable.

_ _ _ _ _

K: Is God a boy? 
Me: Um--
K: Nevermind, I think he is a girl.

K (looking out the car window): Why is the moon following us like the Wise Men followed the bright, shining star?

Me: When you disobey, it makes my heart sad.
K: (gives me an awkward hug)
Me: What are you doing?
K: Giving your heart a hug so it's happy.

Dave (watching baseball): That's the umpire. He calls the shots.
K (long pause): But... why does the umpire call the doctor?

K: Look at these bumps on my tummy. They are hairballs because I chewed on my hair. I don't know what to do about them.

Dave to me: When you're finished with that, can we talk about dinner?
Me (while designing something): This is a weekend project. Just tell me when you're hungry.
Dave: I'm hungry.
K (matter of fact): Then you can make dinner all by yourself. 
(The two of them then sweetly made dinner together)

Me: You have two minutes until you have to get out of the bathtub.
K: (no response)
Me: Say 'Ok, mama.'
K (distracted): Ok.
Me: Do you know what you're saying ok to?
K: Yes. Mama.

K: Mommy, you didn't shut that drawer all the way.
Me: Sorry. I know that drives you crazy. Nobody's perfect. Well, except Jesus.
K: Yeah. I bet Jesus knew how to shut drawers all the way.

K: Today, my name is Cupcake. Please call me Cupcake.

Me (at the doctor): I sit in this chair because I am the patient.
K: But I want you to be my mommy!!!!!

Me: No, you don't need a sucker right now. We really save candy for special occasions.
K: But I AM a special occasion!!!

K: Where did you buy our car?
Me: At a place in Waco. Our friend Claire helped us.
K: Does Claire speak French?
Me: Um... that's random... I don't know.
K: When I be 4, I want to go to her house and ask her.

K: I have on sunglasses, a bracelet, and a necklace. I am a rock star. (suddenly changing her mind) Nevermind, I don't need these supplies.

K: I want to be a doctor when I grow up. No, I want to be a snowflake.

K: It's ok to have eyeballs.

Me: Why didn't you nap?
K: Katelyn and Freddy (stuffed animals) were talking and kept me awake.

K: What's this song called?
Me: All Creatures of Our God and King.
K: And Princess????

K: Thank you, God, for my dolls and my lips and my arms... (pats little arm and smiles) This little arm. (LOVE!!!!!)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flower Girl

Dave's brother got married recently and Katelyn got to be the flower girl in the wedding. She was SO excited... so much so that she had a major meltdown in the wedding rehearsal when she realized she couldn't go up and down the aisle multiple times during the ceremony. 

pre-meltdown at the rehearsal

She insisted on wearing Nana's pearls to the rehearsal.

Thankfully, she did great during the actual wedding. Possibly because I told her that throwing a fit = no cake at the reception. Sure enough, as soon as she finished her flower girl duties and came to sit with me, she whispered, "Mommy, I did not cry. I'm ready for some of that chocolate cake now." Ha.

And the reception. Oh, the reception. Other than briefly eating, she danced 100% of the time FOR HOURS. It was exhausting--but impressive--to watch.

Dancing on Daddy's feet

And then she took Dave's hand, led him to the deejay, and asked if he would play "Let It Go" from Frozen. I've always known my child wasn't shy, but I've never seen her THIS uninhibited. EVER. She dominated the floor and danced/sang every part of the song with dead-on accuracy to the actual movie. It was hilarious. And at the end of her performance, everyone applauded... and she gave the most dramatic bow/curtsey I've ever seen. So, so funny.

So... looks like self-confidence isn't an issue. And apparently the next best thing to dancing is a photo booth... 

Thanks, Kelly and Joey, for letting our girl be a part of your special day! Your wedding was beautiful and we had a great time!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

K: If I don't go to sleep, no chocolate milk tomorrow night. That's the rule. 
Me: Correct. 
K: Buuuuut, I can still have plain milk, juice, and water...

K: (shrieking hysterically) DADDY!!!! There are ants in my bathroom!!!!!! Ants don't go in here!!! BUT I ONLY LIKE BUTTERFLIES!!! (and she repeated the butterfly phrase for the next 15 minutes solid)

K to me, after I made small talk with a stranger: You are always talking to people. And Grandad is always talking to people. (Those of you who know my dad see the humor in this.)

K (while waiting for our food at a restaurant): I'm done. I'm ready to go. I'm getting old.

K: I need you to help me with prayers.
Me: Ok. Say, 'Thank you God for Mommy and Daddy and Baylor.'
K: Thank you God for Elsa and Olaf and-- wait, Elsa doesn't have a dog. Elsa and Olaf and Baylor.

K: Mommy, I have a cough. And Daddy's throat hurts. We are just falling apart.

K: I'm all dressed up like a bride. Daddy, you are my groom. Let's go.
Me: I might be jealous about that.
K: Oh ok, you can be a bridesmaid.

K: I keep hitting my elbow. Stop it, brain.

K (playing doctor): Let's look in your ears.
Me: What do you see in my ears?
K: (without hesitation) Bugs. And a spider.

Dave: Why are you rubbing your eye-- do you have something in your eye?
K: Yes. It's an eyeball.

K: (praying at dinner) Thank you God for Annabelle and Zoe-- and me, of course.

K: I have been happy my whole life!

K to Dave and me: I am crying happy tears!
Me: Why?
K: Because I like you guys!!

Me: (dancing to Frozen)
K: Can you always be my mommy? (HEART MELTED)

Me: My voice will be gone when I have my tonsils out. But don't worry, it will come back.
K: Like the electricity after the storm?

K to me: Hmm. Your hipbones are bigger than mine.

Me: Are you eating your meat like I said?
K: Yes.
Me: Show me... that's not meat, that's bread.
K: I'm pretending it's meat.

K: (as we drove through scenic Arkansas) Look at this view!!!

Me: Do you remember what's needed for plants to grow?
K: Water.
Me: And?
K: Um... a flower pot.

Me: You've got to stop whining and saying "I don't want to" to every single thing. Do you understand?
K: Yes. But I don't want to.

Me: You sure ask a lot of questions.
K: I like to ask why.
Me: And I love that about you. I hope you are always curious. But sometimes I don't know the answers.
K: (very long pause) But sometimes you do.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


We went camping for the first time as a family. Tents and all. In Texas, in July. Yeah, I'm surprised I went, too. I was outnumbered on this one but was willing to go for the sake of family togetherness and letting Katelyn develop her own opinion of camping instead of adopting my hesitancy toward it. So we packed up our fans and clothes I was willing to burn afterwards if needed and off we went. And honestly, it turned out well. I would go again... just maybe in October.

Katelyn, despite her everyday disgust toward all insects except roly polys and butterflies that she insists are pink and purple, loved camping. We enjoyed going for walks and seeing bunnies, roadrunners, and a whole family of deer cross our path. And there's just something strangely peaceful about falling asleep to the sound of bullfrogs in the lake. But let's be clear: I do not foresee myself ever sleeping on the ground directly under the stars, sans tent. Ever. I need those four zippered walls to protect me from, you know, a raccoon licking my face or something.

And the sticks. So many sticks to collect.

Had a great time on the boat...

And we all took a turn driving the boat...

...which I was reluctant to do because I really have no interest in boats. Actually, being surrounded by a body of water is slightly terrifying to me. Don't judge. I grew up in a farm town. We had land, not sea. But I agreed to it for the sake of a photo op, even though no one thought to bring a Captain's hat. Fail.

And then, 2 minutes later, the game wardens pulled up next to us and issued me, the current "operator" of the boat, a warning for not having some sort of additional flotation device on board. Say what? It was pretty funny and the game wardens saw humor in it as well. So much for my future boating record.

In the hottest part of the day, we cheated on camping, drove into town, and found an all-in-one arcade/theater/game place, complete with first-world air conditioning AND those big, soft pretzels. Camping is great! We also found a little park for Katelyn.

See her water shoes? She wore them everywhere and they were completely brown by the time we got home. I deserve all the credit for the cocktail of stain-fighting laundry detergent that got them pink again.

So, lots of lessons learned on this trip:
- I can tolerate camping. Enjoy, even.
- Bring the extra flotation device, whatever it's called, on a boat
- Camp in October, not July
- Camp close to town where there is air conditioning
- Enjoy God's creation. It really is beautiful.

Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Years Old

Three years old? Somehow that seems a LOT older than two. Happy birthday to my sweet, independent, determined little firecracker, who inspires me daily and makes me a better person. 

On the morning of her birthday, Nana offered to take Katelyn to breakfast so that Dave and I could get things ready for her party. I quickly agreed and directed them to McDonald's, just down the road near the PetSmart.

They came back with a fish. 

The fish, a pinkish Beta, is low maintenance (well played, Nana), which is good because I fear I'm going to be the cause of its accidental demise. But it's been almost a month and the fish is still alive. 

The fish has had a series of names:
Day 1: Katelyn
Day 2: "First name Goldie, last name Katelyn."
Day 3: "First name Aerial, last name Goldie."

I've lost track at this point, but the fish also goes by Cinderella and Minnie, depending on the day.

Anyway, on to her party. It was a "pink and purple party" because she's constantly telling me that she loves pink and purple. Lots of kids came over to splash around in the little pool and enjoy watermelon cupcakes (mine didn't look this amazing, but they were cute!). Lots of fun!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

As K and I were leaving daycare one afternoon...
K's friend: Bye, Katelyn! This is my daddy. I am going to his house. 
K: So this is your new daddy?

K: You must bow when you speak to me. 
(I have no idea where she heard that. It was not well received.)

As the fireworks were starting...
K: Hmm, maybe I should focus. 

I found her lounged in a chair with a blanket stuffed under her shirt, feet elevated, with a blanket draped over her...
Me: Well don't you look comfortable!
K: (very matter of fact and serious) I'm at the hospital. It's time to have baby Zoe. 
Me: Congratulations!
K: Thank you, Dr. Bagnasco. (The name of the doctor who delivered her.)

K: My eyebrows hurt when I go outside. But only outside. See? Look. They hurt. 

Me: I've noticed you've been very good lately! I'm proud of you. 
K: Thank you. You've been pretty good lately, too. 

K: I do not like bugs. They make me allergic. 

K: Mommy!! Baylor ate a butterfly!!!!!! I am NOT happy. This. Is. Ridiculous. 

Me: There's Home Depot. 
K: It's House Depot. 

K: Is my daddy, David Michael, going to be there?

K: I am proud of my Daddy... Because I love him. And Mommy loves him. 

K to me: Hey... You look like Tia Christy. 

While sitting on the closed toilet, K instructs me to pull up a chair...
K: Mommy, let's talk. 
Me: Ok, what are we going to talk about?
K: God. 
Me: Sure, what about God? He loves us very much and--
K: No no no. I talk, you listen. (Pulls out a book) God made the animals and the trees... Do you see, Mommy?
Me: Yes. 
K: Great joooooob!!! Now, shhhh. I talk, you listen. 
(I have no idea why this one-way conversation needed to take place in the bathroom.)

K: I need Minnie Mouse rings. 
Me: Sorry, I don't have any. 
K: Well, we need to buy some at the store. Minnie Mouse rings are $100. 

K: Bien hecho. 
Me: Did you just say "good job" in Spanish?
K: Yes. I speak Spanish. 
(Thanks, Tia Christy!)

Dave: We don't pinch. 
K: Welllllll, I was just being a crab. 

Me: It looks like it could rain again.
K: I think not. The clouds are not that dark.

K: There are 5 babies in my tummy.
Me: That's a lot.
K: Yes. My tummy is quite big. And my babies are quite tired.

K: My bottom is grumpy. 
Me: What does that mean?
K: It means my bottom doesn't want to lie down in my bed and go to sleep. 
Me: Try sleeping on your side. 
K: That won't work. 

After singing a verse of "Be Thou My Vision"...
K: What are riches?
Me: Well, riches can be many things, like silver and gold--
K: And pink and purple!!!!

Me: Tomorrow you get to open your birthday present from Daddy and me. Are you excited?
Me: Is it pink and purple? 

Birthday post coming soon on the blog...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Box Creations!

One night a week Dave volunteers at Scottish Rite Hospital. I try to use that night as special Mommy/Katelyn time, a chance to do something out of our normal routine. We moved recently and have an abundance of great boxes-- so many ideas! And so began our fascination with building stuff out of boxes...

Obviously, this is a house. It's not really what I imagined, but it works and even ended up with a back door. I probably couldn't replicate it if I tried because I'm not quite sure how we got there. But we love it and Katelyn "decorates" it daily with colors and stickers. 

And then we got this box and I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. We decided to turn it into a castle, although a canoe was a strong contender. I decided a castle would take up less horizontal space. We seem to add something to it at least once a week. Katelyn and I are both pretty proud of it. Here's the progression over several weeks...

Yes, that's Dave wearing the box. He's 6'4". See why I couldn't throw away such a fantastic box?!

Ribbons for curtains!

"Mommy, I'm in the shower."

And then we decided it should be pink... (Thanks, Valspar, for that free paint promotion you ran back when I was pregnant. I knew we would need pink paint at some point!) 

And what's a castle without butterflies, right? So we searched her room for any butterflies we already had and then made two more out of tissue paper and clothes pins.

Purple! We need purple! Unfortunately, this activity was short-lived because she disobeyed and decided to paint the grass and concrete purple, too.

Then we found a tube of metallic gold paint and some swirly-shaped sponges that I had from random art projects years ago. And, well, it just felt unnatural not to use them, so...

Annnnd here's where we are now. So much fun. And so, so Katelyn, because for months she's informed me at least 5x a day that she likes "pink and purple and butterflies." 

Also... if any of you have any fantastic boxes lying around... we're interested.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

I know I've posted several of these lists lately, but I'm loving the funny age she's at right now.

After seeing that Dave was eating something she wanted, she walked up to him, tilted her head back, opened her mouth wide, and said, "I'm a baby bird. Feed me."

Dave: Will you take care of me someday when I'm old?
K: (shakes head no) You aren't going to be old, Daddy. 

K: You and me, Mommy, we are growing up! Daddy and Baylor-- well, they are already growed. 
Me: This is as tall as I'm ever going to be, sweetie. 

K: Is ____ my cousin? [insert name of a new friend, cashier at the grocery store, or anyone we've recently met] 
Note: this is a valid question. She has figured out that I have a LOT of cousins.

At her request, I sing "Joy to the World" every single night at bedtime. One night as I was singing, she stopped me and said, "No, Mommy, sing about joy and all the people." It took me a minute, but I finally started singing the verse, "Joy to the earth! The Savior reigns..." She nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yes! That verse! All the people on the earth." I think I deserve Mommy points for this one. 

Me: Katelyn, it's time to brush your teeth.
K: (blank stare and very long pause) Who? I'm MARTHA.

Me: Don't touch that vase. 
K: Oh, I'm just touching it with my [little] arm. 
Me: That still counts. 

K: Mommy! I am trying to tell you something! I need you to put your listening ears on!

K: (at bedtime) I have a booger. 
Me: Ok, here's a tissue. 
K: No, I really need a wipe. 
Me: Ok, here's a wipe. 
K: (after rubbing the wipe all across her face) Hang on, I don't feel fresh and clean yet. 

K: (fussing in bed)
Me: What's wrong?
K: I'm having blanket troubles. 

K: My eyes are brown. I have beautiful iris!

Before dinner she pulled out 'manners' from her prayer pail. I began to pray, "Thank you, God, for manners, and--" *BURP* Katelyn let out a huge burp. It wasn't intentional, but the timing couldn't have been funnier.

One night when she a stomach virus, I put a precautionary trash can beside Katelyn's bed. Around 3 am, I heard a noise in her room. I went in to check and found her rearranging the dolls on her bed. Articulate as ever, she informed me, "Actually, Mommy, Kia (her doll) just fell in the trash can." (What groggy, sick toddler says "actually" at 3am??)

Me: Look, see how close those cars are together? They had a wreck. 
K: No, they are hugging. 

K: Mommy, do you like butterflies?
Me: Yes!
K: No, you are allergic to butterflies!!!

Dave: Uh oh, I think a bird just flew into the window.

K: Daddy, look! We both have hair on our arms! (she reminds him of this often)

K: Sometimes bandaids do that. (Referring to the mangled bandaid I had to cut out of her hair.) 

She's been using the phrase "sometimes ____ do that" a lot lately. Here are some of my favorites:
K: Sometimes poopies do that. 
K: Sometimes macaroni and cheese do that. 
K: Sometimes legs do that.
K: Sometimes trees do that.

K: Mommy, are you the wife?
Me: Yes, I am the wife. What does that make Daddy?
L: The farmer. (It took me a minute to realize the connection to "The Farmer in the Dale")

K: Will you sing me "Go! Tell it on the Mountain"?
Me: Ok. "...that Jesus Christ is born."
K: No! That's not right!!
Me: What's not right?
K: It's supposed to be "that cheese's Christ is born. Sing it that way, Mommy."

Me: Words that start with q... let's see, there's queen, and--
K: CUTE!!!
Me: Actually, cute starts with c, but I can see why you would say that--
K: No, listen. CU-TE. Hear that? Sounds like q.

Me: Why are you repeating everything I'm saying? What are you, a parrot?
K: No, I'm a sheep. You are a pig and Zoe is a lamb.

Me, while designing something on my computer: How does this look?
K: Not good, Mommy. Not good.

Dance Recital and Easter

Katelyn's dance recital was a success! I'm convinced the key to this was the dress rehearsal. She was very excited and for months had been promising that we wouldn't have a repeat of the December performance meltdown. It almost didn't happen, though. Minutes before it was time to go on stage for the dress rehearsal, she tightened her arms around mine and whispered, "Mommy, I don't want to go up on that stage." I told her it wasn't optional, quickly sent my mom a text to start praying, and distracted her as best I could until it was her turn. And as soon as one foot stepped on the stage, she acted like she owned it. She LOVED it. Afterwards she ran full speed off the stage toward me, the whole way yelling, "MOMMY, MOMMY I DID A GOOD JOB!!!!! And I want to go back up on that stage now." It was one of those parenting moments that will stay with me forever because I was so, so proud of her. Sure, it was just the dress rehearsal, but she overcame a fear, and that's huge. 

cousins/partners in crime

The actual dance recital also went well. She looked beautiful and danced with confidence. And yes, she wears that first year medal daily. 

To back up even more (since I'm behind on blogging)... Easter was wonderful, of course! We went to our enormous church Easter egg hunt.
This is her expression after I told her we had to wait a few minutes before we could get eggs.

And then she decided standing up while waiting just wasn't worth it. 

After church we had an egg hunt at our house...

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture with Katelyn and cousin Zoe. :(
We've had a lot going on in the last month, but I'll try to get better about blogging!