Saturday, May 31, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

I know I've posted several of these lists lately, but I'm loving the funny age she's at right now.

After seeing that Dave was eating something she wanted, she walked up to him, tilted her head back, opened her mouth wide, and said, "I'm a baby bird. Feed me."

Dave: Will you take care of me someday when I'm old?
K: (shakes head no) You aren't going to be old, Daddy. 

K: You and me, Mommy, we are growing up! Daddy and Baylor-- well, they are already growed. 
Me: This is as tall as I'm ever going to be, sweetie. 

K: Is ____ my cousin? [insert name of a new friend, cashier at the grocery store, or anyone we've recently met] 
Note: this is a valid question. She has figured out that I have a LOT of cousins.

At her request, I sing "Joy to the World" every single night at bedtime. One night as I was singing, she stopped me and said, "No, Mommy, sing about joy and all the people." It took me a minute, but I finally started singing the verse, "Joy to the earth! The Savior reigns..." She nodded enthusiastically and said, "Yes! That verse! All the people on the earth." I think I deserve Mommy points for this one. 

Me: Katelyn, it's time to brush your teeth.
K: (blank stare and very long pause) Who? I'm MARTHA.

Me: Don't touch that vase. 
K: Oh, I'm just touching it with my [little] arm. 
Me: That still counts. 

K: Mommy! I am trying to tell you something! I need you to put your listening ears on!

K: (at bedtime) I have a booger. 
Me: Ok, here's a tissue. 
K: No, I really need a wipe. 
Me: Ok, here's a wipe. 
K: (after rubbing the wipe all across her face) Hang on, I don't feel fresh and clean yet. 

K: (fussing in bed)
Me: What's wrong?
K: I'm having blanket troubles. 

K: My eyes are brown. I have beautiful iris!

Before dinner she pulled out 'manners' from her prayer pail. I began to pray, "Thank you, God, for manners, and--" *BURP* Katelyn let out a huge burp. It wasn't intentional, but the timing couldn't have been funnier.

One night when she a stomach virus, I put a precautionary trash can beside Katelyn's bed. Around 3 am, I heard a noise in her room. I went in to check and found her rearranging the dolls on her bed. Articulate as ever, she informed me, "Actually, Mommy, Kia (her doll) just fell in the trash can." (What groggy, sick toddler says "actually" at 3am??)

Me: Look, see how close those cars are together? They had a wreck. 
K: No, they are hugging. 

K: Mommy, do you like butterflies?
Me: Yes!
K: No, you are allergic to butterflies!!!

Dave: Uh oh, I think a bird just flew into the window.

K: Daddy, look! We both have hair on our arms! (she reminds him of this often)

K: Sometimes bandaids do that. (Referring to the mangled bandaid I had to cut out of her hair.) 

She's been using the phrase "sometimes ____ do that" a lot lately. Here are some of my favorites:
K: Sometimes poopies do that. 
K: Sometimes macaroni and cheese do that. 
K: Sometimes legs do that.
K: Sometimes trees do that.

K: Mommy, are you the wife?
Me: Yes, I am the wife. What does that make Daddy?
L: The farmer. (It took me a minute to realize the connection to "The Farmer in the Dale")

K: Will you sing me "Go! Tell it on the Mountain"?
Me: Ok. "...that Jesus Christ is born."
K: No! That's not right!!
Me: What's not right?
K: It's supposed to be "that cheese's Christ is born. Sing it that way, Mommy."

Me: Words that start with q... let's see, there's queen, and--
K: CUTE!!!
Me: Actually, cute starts with c, but I can see why you would say that--
K: No, listen. CU-TE. Hear that? Sounds like q.

Me: Why are you repeating everything I'm saying? What are you, a parrot?
K: No, I'm a sheep. You are a pig and Zoe is a lamb.

Me, while designing something on my computer: How does this look?
K: Not good, Mommy. Not good.

Dance Recital and Easter

Katelyn's dance recital was a success! I'm convinced the key to this was the dress rehearsal. She was very excited and for months had been promising that we wouldn't have a repeat of the December performance meltdown. It almost didn't happen, though. Minutes before it was time to go on stage for the dress rehearsal, she tightened her arms around mine and whispered, "Mommy, I don't want to go up on that stage." I told her it wasn't optional, quickly sent my mom a text to start praying, and distracted her as best I could until it was her turn. And as soon as one foot stepped on the stage, she acted like she owned it. She LOVED it. Afterwards she ran full speed off the stage toward me, the whole way yelling, "MOMMY, MOMMY I DID A GOOD JOB!!!!! And I want to go back up on that stage now." It was one of those parenting moments that will stay with me forever because I was so, so proud of her. Sure, it was just the dress rehearsal, but she overcame a fear, and that's huge. 

cousins/partners in crime

The actual dance recital also went well. She looked beautiful and danced with confidence. And yes, she wears that first year medal daily. 

To back up even more (since I'm behind on blogging)... Easter was wonderful, of course! We went to our enormous church Easter egg hunt.
This is her expression after I told her we had to wait a few minutes before we could get eggs.

And then she decided standing up while waiting just wasn't worth it. 

After church we had an egg hunt at our house...

Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture with Katelyn and cousin Zoe. :(
We've had a lot going on in the last month, but I'll try to get better about blogging!