Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Visiting Family

Katelyn has had a busy two weeks.  First, we went to Baytown to visit Dave's family.  Here are a few pictures:

with Mary Ruth

 Playing in a big tub of toys

with Sue and MawMaw

 with Sue

The next weekend, Katelyn and I went to Denton to visit my family.  Here are some pictures:

Cousins Annabelle and Katelyn

 A few random updates:
  • Katelyn loves chicken (does my heart proud!).
  • Lately, her favorite thing to chew on is leather.
  • Amoxicillin comes with unpleasant side effects.
  • Katelyn and I sat in on Dad's handbell practice at church and she was mesmerized.  She particularly liked the big, low octave bells, and who can blame her?  They're big, shiny, and make noise.
  • When I say "high five!", she slaps my hand five... ten... fifteen times...
  • People have been asking me if she is always a happy baby.  Yes, except for normal things like fighting sleep and crying at times, Katelyn is a very happy baby.  She seems to enjoy every minute of soaking in her surroundings, especially if it's a new environment or activity.
  • She "talks" with her legs.  When she watches Baylor run, she kicks her legs in excitement.  If I'm holding her and she wants me to walk faster, she kicks her legs against me as if to say, "Giddy Up, Mama!"  When she wants more of her bottle, she kicks and rubs her feet together before ever making a sound.  Her legs are ALWAYS moving and communicating emotion.  As you can imagine, it's nearly impossible to keep socks and/or shoes on this active girl!  Someday we'll put a soccer ball in front of her and see what happens. :)


  1. I love reading about your Katelyn! Need to see you guys again soon. Very soon :-)