Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All Dressed Up

We recently went to Houston for Dave's uncle's retirement dinner. It was a big deal-- one of those wear-fancy-clothes-we're-going-to-a-super-classy-restaurant types of deal. And as Katelyn does in most social settings, our super active 19 month old wanted to explore the room and socialize. Given that perfect behavior during appetizers, dinner, dessert, and speeches is a lot to ask of a toddler, I guess you could say she was well behaved. She was just a handful! At least she looked cute!

Holding/chewing some sort of plastic doll.

Thanks, Nana, for the pretty dress!  And thank you, Grandmom, for the pretty bows to match!

Everyone but MawMaw, Dennis, and June. And all the dogs.

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