Sunday, May 5, 2013


So, Katelyn loves to paint. I mean, she REALLY loves to paint. We've been doing it a lot lately, and I've realized that if we don't get the paints out frequently, she'll "paint" using unconventional methods, such as with applesauce or lotion. Watercolors it is, then! Here are some pictures taken over several different days of painting:

I love how she's sitting IN her painting.

This child never sits still and rarely maintains focus on anything... but painting is serious business.

And then she discovered that her little arm makes a perfect canvas.

Toddler tattoo sleeve?

While happily singing "E-I-E-I-O," she hiked up her pants and began painting her feet and legs.

A brush is helpful when painting a beard...

...but fingers work just as well.

And finally, proof that some paint DOES actually end up on the paper. I promise I didn't help her with this AT ALL, except to tell her when she needed more water or paint on the brush. I love it, and I LOVE having a creative, messy child!

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