Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

This year we went to Nebraska to see family... and these people know how to celebrate July 4th! Tons of food and TONS of fireworks. Apparently in that part of Nebraska it's not illegal to shoot off fireworks in city limits. It. Was. Impressive, to say the least. So fun!

Headphones on... ready for fireworks! She liked them-- well, what she saw before falling asleep!

Sweet cousins

 I'm not sure what Cassidy is singing, but Katelyn is singing "Holy, Holy, Holy."  Of course.

Serious planning discussion before riding the 4-wheeler.

Sweet new friends 

Daddy telling Katelyn that SHE cannot get into the water, but it's ok to throw rocks in. I love this picture!

Full sized friendly poodle at the park? Yes, please!

Brushing Cassidy's hair, which is, of course, reason to giggle. 

At first glance this looks like a sweet picture. Really, it's a sweet picture of Nana hugging Cassidy and Katelyn worming her way in because she is a jealous child. Sigh.

holding her first sparkler

walking at the zoo 

"Katelyn, want to help me unpack your suitcase?"  "YEAH!"  And then I turned around and saw this. (And for the record, I never looked that cute in hats!)

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