Sunday, January 26, 2014

She Keeps Us Laughing!

Me: "Do you want to meet cousin Isabel?"
Katelyn: (frowning) "Isabel in my tummy, Mommy."
Me: "Really? What's she doing in there?"
Katelyn: "Playing with baby Zoe. There are 1...2...3...4...FIVE babies in my tummy." (Then she proceeds to name our five little cousins who were born in 2013.)

(meeting one year old cousin Isabel for the first time, who, like Katelyn at that age, doesn't have a lot of hair)
"Oh! Isabel just got a haircut!"

Me: "Eat your broccoli, Katelyn." 
Katelyn: (very seriously) "I'm not Katelyn. I'm Morgan."
I've since found dinner to be much more productive if I just address her as Morgan. 

(on the way home from school)
Katelyn: "Mommy, I want to watch bus, please." (this means she wants to watch "Wheels On the Bus" on my phone)
Me: "Maybe in a little bit, but first I want to hear about your day."
Katelyn: (takes a deep breath and says the following very quickly) "Pancakes, songs, books, Hailey, lunch, nap, play, Hannah, color. I want to watch bus now."

In the bathtub, she covered the top of her head with a washcloth and announced, "I'm a policeman!!" After sliding the wet washcloth off her head, she noticed that it caused her hair to stick up and exclaimed, "I'm a crazy policeman!!!"

To any man she sees wearing a hat, she loudly announces, "That's a cowboy!" Imagine what fun it was for Dave (who does not like to draw attention to himself) when he and Katelyn went to Academy on what turned out to be the store's "Customer Cowboy Hat Day."

Me: "Let's go. Pronto."
Katelyn: (adamantly) "But I'm not Pronto."

(Playing with wood chips at the playground) 
Me: "Look, I found a stick that is shaped funny. It can be your digging stick."
K: "It's a shovel."

Me: "Why are you throwing a fit?"
K: "Because I'm tired."
Me: "I understand being tired. But that doesn't make it ok to throw a fit... How about we work on that?"
K: "But I don't want to."
Me: "Why not?"
K: "Because I'm tired."

Katelyn: "No!"
Dave: "Excuse me? Did you just tell me no?"
Katelyn: (slaps her forehead with her hand) "Oh! I was just being silly!!" Then she quickly starts acting silly.

Walking into Hobby Lobby, she stopped and gasped, "Look at all the beautiful things!!!" This was a proud moment for me.

We were visiting PawPaw's grave and she started singing as we were leaving.
Katelyn: "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so… (suddenly forgetting the words)… Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, oh for grace to trust Him more." LOVE!!!

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