Sunday, September 28, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

K: If I don't go to sleep, no chocolate milk tomorrow night. That's the rule. 
Me: Correct. 
K: Buuuuut, I can still have plain milk, juice, and water...

K: (shrieking hysterically) DADDY!!!! There are ants in my bathroom!!!!!! Ants don't go in here!!! BUT I ONLY LIKE BUTTERFLIES!!! (and she repeated the butterfly phrase for the next 15 minutes solid)

K to me, after I made small talk with a stranger: You are always talking to people. And Grandad is always talking to people. (Those of you who know my dad see the humor in this.)

K (while waiting for our food at a restaurant): I'm done. I'm ready to go. I'm getting old.

K: I need you to help me with prayers.
Me: Ok. Say, 'Thank you God for Mommy and Daddy and Baylor.'
K: Thank you God for Elsa and Olaf and-- wait, Elsa doesn't have a dog. Elsa and Olaf and Baylor.

K: Mommy, I have a cough. And Daddy's throat hurts. We are just falling apart.

K: I'm all dressed up like a bride. Daddy, you are my groom. Let's go.
Me: I might be jealous about that.
K: Oh ok, you can be a bridesmaid.

K: I keep hitting my elbow. Stop it, brain.

K (playing doctor): Let's look in your ears.
Me: What do you see in my ears?
K: (without hesitation) Bugs. And a spider.

Dave: Why are you rubbing your eye-- do you have something in your eye?
K: Yes. It's an eyeball.

K: (praying at dinner) Thank you God for Annabelle and Zoe-- and me, of course.

K: I have been happy my whole life!

K to Dave and me: I am crying happy tears!
Me: Why?
K: Because I like you guys!!

Me: (dancing to Frozen)
K: Can you always be my mommy? (HEART MELTED)

Me: My voice will be gone when I have my tonsils out. But don't worry, it will come back.
K: Like the electricity after the storm?

K to me: Hmm. Your hipbones are bigger than mine.

Me: Are you eating your meat like I said?
K: Yes.
Me: Show me... that's not meat, that's bread.
K: I'm pretending it's meat.

K: (as we drove through scenic Arkansas) Look at this view!!!

Me: Do you remember what's needed for plants to grow?
K: Water.
Me: And?
K: Um... a flower pot.

Me: You've got to stop whining and saying "I don't want to" to every single thing. Do you understand?
K: Yes. But I don't want to.

Me: You sure ask a lot of questions.
K: I like to ask why.
Me: And I love that about you. I hope you are always curious. But sometimes I don't know the answers.
K: (very long pause) But sometimes you do.

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