Tuesday, May 17, 2016

She keeps us laughing!

(Overhead from the other room)
K: Well, these are just hard to juggle.
Me: What are?
K: These apples.
Me: ... !

K: What's a vegetarian?
Me: Someone who doesn't eat meat.
K: YES! I want to be a vegetarian. I do NOT LIKE meat.

Dave: Katelyn, you're being too loud. Turn it down a notch.
K: Oh, so I guess I'm an iPad now!

Me: WOW, you have a lot of hand sanitizer.
K (delighted): I know, look how shiny my hands are!!!

(Dave and I talking about all the presidential candidates)
K: Who is Bernie Sandwich?

K (randomly): I want to birth a baby.

K: Wow, look how the cookies are growing and getting fatter in the oven! Ha, just like your tummy, Mommy!

Me: Go put on some shoes so we can go to Yogurtland.
K: Ok, I'm going to wear fancy shoes. Hope this is a fancy place!

K: Mommy... there are strange sounds coming out of Ryan.

K: Don't watch what I'm about to do. It's a little bit dangerous. 
Me: Then maybe you shouldn't do it.
K: Oh, it will be fine. But I need you to close your eyes, ok?

K: I don't like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Chipmunks are real, but chipmunks that talk with clothes on-- WEIRD!!!

Me: Please don't walk in front of the stroller. I'm afraid I'll run over you.
K: No you won't, that's just nonsense!

K: How did God make us?
Me: He made us out of dirt and breathed life into us!
K: Do I have dirt in me??

Me: I thought I told you not to ask Nana to buy you anything.
K: I know, but I forgot. Anyway, that ship has passed.

and one of my favorite pictures, just because

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