Wednesday, May 3, 2017

She keeps us laughing!

K (very dramatically, after getting in trouble): I am just a little girl! I don't know all these things yet!

K: Fetch, Ryan! Go get the ball!

Dave, reading a fortune cookie: "Something unusual will happen at work or school this week." Oooo, I hope it's something good!
K: It might just be nonsense.

Me: You've been really good tonight. I'm impressed.
K: Yeah... I don't really like being good. It's too hard.
Me: Well, it gets a little easier the more you're good. It becomes second nature.
K (doubtful): Is that really true?

K, reading Green Eggs and Ham: "...Would you like them in a box?" No, the box would not hold me.

K, in response to Dave and Ryan being silly: Boys these days!

Me: Good morning! Time to wake up!
K (long pause, then in a tiny whisper): I'm trying.

Dave: What's the English word for Juan?
K: One!

K, to me: I bet you're going to be a good grandma someday.

K: I want to change out my pillowcases. I want to add some color to this area.

K: Daddy, if you want to help us set up for Ryan's party, I have no problem with that.

In the middle of a song at the daddy/daughter dance:
K: Ok, I'm ready to go.
Dave: The dance is almost over and they're drawing for door prizes in 3 minutes. Can we wait 3 minutes?
K: Daddy, look at all these people. We're not going to win!

K: My shoe fell off because I don't have my personal space.

K, glancing at the book A Small Book of Prayers: Oh, this is God's book.

Me: It would be nice if you thanked me for buying you shoes. Sometimes parents sacrifice for their kids.
K: What does sacrifice mean?
Me: To give something up.
K: Oh Mommy, you should never give up!

Dave: We're having the Lord's Supper today at church.
K: Are we going? I thought we were having dinner together.

K: Ryan doesn't have allergies. There are no red cracks in his eyes!

K: I've put on some mascara, eye shadow, and lip gloss. I also added lip gloss to my brows.

K, reading a book: "There was an old lady who swallowed a chick--"
Me: How did she swallow a chick?!
K: I don't know, this is a fiction book, Mommy.

Me: Ask Daddy to get you a mommy-approved amount of ice cream.
K: What?
Me: Ask Daddy to get you a mommy-approved amount of ice cream.
K (confused): I don't understand... I can't say that.... DADDY! Can you get me a medium bowl of ice cream??

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