Monday, January 1, 2018

Things I Love Right Now

My messy art table. Ok, maybe the mess drives me crazy sometimes and I have plans to better organize the space, but I love the reason it’s messy. Katelyn spends hours at this table creating all sorts of things. She put 28 presents under our Christmas tree, all of them handmade and wrapped herself. My art table was a Christmas present from my parents when I was in high school. It has seen layers of charcoal and pastels and paint and design and failed college art projects and successful great ideas. Years ago when money was tight and the art table was being stored under a bed because we didn’t have room for it, I suggested we sell it. Without hesitation, Dave shook his head and encouraged me to keep it, and I’m so glad I listened to him. Now, my art table is covered in paper and glitter glue and stickers and whatever else Katelyn needs to execute her own great ideas. She and I both need this creative space (because without it, we would be making a mess elsewhere in the house!).

What's that? Ryan is learning to talk and often asks, "What's that?" I love this, not just because it is adorable, but because it's a reminder of his innocence and the honor it is to parent and teach him so many things. 

Bedtime with Ryan. His bedroom window faces the street, so each night we open the curtains, push up the blinds, and talk about all the “vroom vrooms” driving by and tell them goodnight. We talk about cars and buses and motorcycles and bikes because he is obsessed with all things that have wheels. Even through his bedroom is dark, the street lights from outside hit his face just right and I fall in love with my handsome boy all over again. And then we sit in the rocking chair and sing “Wheels on the Bus” because it is his favorite, followed by “Matilda the Gorilla,” a song I learned 30 years ago at Glorieta Day Camp. We pray and I let him fill in the blanks for what he wants to thank God for… Dada, Mama, Katelyn, vroom vrooms, books, balls, the moon. Then he puts his head on my shoulder and I can feel him calming down and all is right in my world.

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