Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan is two. Two!! He is SO much fun right now. I love this age because he’s so eager to talk, enthusiastic about everything, and uninhibited. It’s all on the table. He hasn't quite hit terrible twos yet, so I'm soaking up the sweetness now.

There are a few things that stand out in this phase that I do not want to forget.

First, his beloved tractor. It was originally at Nana's house and he went nuts over it every time we visited, so Nana decided it made more sense for the tractor to live with us. This is the toy that's going to be with us forEVER, that we keep for his own child someday. When he wakes up in the morning, he says, "Where's Dada? Where's Katelyn? Where's tractor?" It's so special to him. 

This was the look on his face when he realized the tractor was in OUR living room instead of at Nana's

Next, Ryan's love for drawing. I mean he really, really LOVES to draw, especially with pen. Plain paper, big sister’s artwork, bills, the decision clipboard he discovered on the pew at church—everything within his reach is fair game, apparently. I don't think a day goes by when he doesn't draw for an extended period of time. My mom gave him a pen with a removable cap and he is fascinated by it. It’s going to be a sad day when he uses up all the ink in that pen-- which will no doubt happen. 

I turned my head for 2 seconds and Ryan made lots of decisions for Christ

And as he’s drawing, he pretends to draw/write the names of specific people… he doesn’t know how to spell or write words/shapes, of course, but he calls out random letters and shapes as he’s drawing and proudly tells me what he’s done. My favorite is when he cracks himself up when he draws something he thinks is funny. There is so much I love about all of this.

And last, his relationship with Katelyn. I think one reason I'm loving this stage is because I get to watch Katelyn's response to Ryan growing. They're such good friends. She’s quite the little mama and loves teaching him new things, and Ryan soaks up the attention. Katelyn is religious about dressing her dolls into their pajamas and tucking them into their bed each night. Well, one evening when Katelyn wasn’t home, Ryan went up to her room and had me help him dress one of her dolls in pajamas and tuck it into bed. When finished, he promptly said "all done" and went to ride his tractor. SO SWEET. 

Hard to believe he is already two but I'm so excited for what this next year will bring!

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