Friday, September 9, 2011

2 Months Old

Katelyn had her 2 month check-up at the doctor yesterday. He said she is a "textbook perfect" 2 month old... 10.5 lbs, 22" long, and very healthy. Her vaccination shots initially triggered a new decibel of screaming, but that's okay. It's a small price to pay for keeping our little one healthy. Besides, thanks to colic, a screaming baby no longer triggers anxiety in me, at least not to the extent it once did. I've learned to take a deep breath, comfort as best I can, and remember that the sound won't last forever; either she'll eventually stop or I'll go deaf, whichever happens first. :)

Katelyn's nights are gradually getting better. Lately she's waking up only once during the night and falls back asleep once her tummy is full. Speaking of tummy... it's been an adventurous week. Katelyn and I are both GREAT eaters, and few foods make me happier than fresh fruit. I had no idea that the numerous delicious peaches I consumed would come with unfortunate consequences. Four bottles of peach-filled breast milk later, Katelyn came home from daycare wearing a onesie labeled "Room A2."  Uh oh.

Those who know me know the respect I have for curiosity (because it sparks creativity, of course!). Seeing Katelyn develop her own baby sense of curiosity and wonder is truly rewarding! Our girl can finally sit in her Bumbo, which she loves. She hates lying on her back and much prefers the freedom to sit up and assess her surroundings. As long as I rotate the Bumbo every now and then to give her something new to look at, she's content. I love watching her expression change and seeing the wheels turn as she absorbs everything around her. I just wish I could read her mind! I wonder what's going on in there...