Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scottish Rite Diagnosis

Katelyn's arm condition is called Symbrachydactyly (sym·brach·y·dac·ty·ly).  When pronounced correctly, it sounds like a kind of dinosaur.  It's NOT amniotic band syndrome as previously suspected.  Here's what we learned from the doctors at Scottish Rite:

1. Symbrachydactyly is not genetic, and there's no risk (other than pure chance) that any future children would have the same condition.

2. It occurred during the 2nd month of pregnancy.  The group of cells responsible for forming the bone in Katelyn's hand just didn't finish the job.  The cause for this is unknown, and there's nothing that could've prevented it.  It just is.

3. Scottish Rite treats 1,900 patients with Symbrachydactyly, so we're not alone.

4. No other body parts are affected on Katelyn.  It's common for patients with Symbrachydactyly to be missing a chest muscle, but her little body is normal (yay!).

5. Next steps are in July 2012, when Katelyn is one year old.  Scottish Rite will then do x-rays to check the arm's development.  She can be fitted for a prosthetic no earlier than 3 or 4 years of age, but it could be later than that depending on her preference.

Scottish Rite is a wonderful place and we thank God for access to knowledgeable doctors!  Thank you all for your prayers as well.  We are blessed!


  1. That's so wonderful. I'm sure you will get the very best treatment and the highest medical technology you can find anywhere. I did part of my clinicals there and absolutely loved it. I'm so glad you have the blog so we can keep up.
    Love you bunches!
    Uncle Keith

  2. Such good news! I, too, am so thankful for Scottish Rite. We will pray that her arm continues to develop normally. I know God has a great plan for her life! :-)


    Mom (Grandmom)