Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Months Old

Katelyn will be 3 months old on Saturday!  Has the time passed quickly?  Well, some days/nights are longer than others, but watching her grow is a huge blessing!  Here are a few updates:

- Colic is not nearly as prominent in our lives as it once was, thank goodness!  Shout out to the creators of Mylicon, the kitchen vent, and the roads of Waco (...and, at times, the surrounding communities).  Riding in the car worked better than any pacifier, so our gas expenses should go down now.  If you've never explored the area, I recommend going for a drive. 

- Katelyn's attention is held by that which has rapid movement or makes noise.  Preferably a combination of both.  When things get a little too quiet, she makes noise (a lot of noise!) to compensate.  When things are too still, she wants to be bounced or swayed.
- Every time she wakes up, I find that her right sock is missing.  Only and always the right one.

- She hasn't rolled over yet but is getting close. 

- True to her genes, Katelyn loves music.  We have a Praise Baby DVD and she is especially active during "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee."  This doesn't surprise me; when I was pregnant with her, she kicked like crazy every Sunday morning during the worship time at church.  One of the greatest blessings for me has been watching her eyes light up when music is played and seeing her smile when I sing along and "dance" her arms and legs to the rhythm.  Fills my heart with joy!

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