Monday, October 24, 2011

New Perspective and New Sounds

She rolled over! Back to tummy and over her right side.  Seems like her left side would've been a little easier since there's less arm to get in the way, but I kind of like that she didn't take the easy way out at first.  The next day she rolled over her left side.

Katelyn is also "talking" quite a bit. She seems to confide most in Daddy. The other night while Dave was in class, Katelyn and I played and she talked and cooed to me some, but when Dave came home, she sat in his lap and babbled on and on to him, as if she was telling him ALL about her day! She gave him facial expressions, giggles, the works. Very sweet to see the daddy/daughter bond developing so early!

I'm not sure at what point a baby's memory develops.  Either Katelyn is a) very moody, b) very forgiving, or c) very forgetful.  I'm not sure which, but it's entertaining.  It makes me laugh that she can be so mad one minute and grinning at me the next.  And every day is truly a new day with her.  Regardless of how good or bad the previous day was, she has a big smile waiting for me the next morning.

I hope to post some video soon!

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