Thursday, November 17, 2011

A few updates...

1. Hello, teething!  She. Chews. On. Everything.  Sometimes I wonder if our sweet little girl is part goat.

2. She can hold her bottle on her own.  She does the same with her pacifier and is clear about when she does and does not want assistance.

3. Last night she watched Praise Baby very intently.  For the first time, she really studied what was on the screen.  And with the exception of her legs kicking to the music, she even laid still for the duration of several songs! 

4. She is fascinated by water.  Bath water that splashes when she kicks, water running from the faucet, Baylor lapping up water from her bowl... it's all very interesting!

5. I think Katelyn and Baylor find each other equally interesting.  Baylor curiously licks Katelyn's face, and Katelyn wonders why she does it.  Baylor has her moments (like eating a sock Katelyn somehow kicked over the crib), but for the most part she is the perfect dog to have around a baby. 

I love our little family. :)

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