Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Papa, Books, and Mobility

We recently met Harold (Papa) in Louisiana. We had a good time!  Katelyn loves the toy he got her for Christmas and the special Valentine's Day present, too.

See my teeth?

More importantly, see my earrings?

Playing with Papa

New toy!

Katelyn has taken an interest in books.  She doesn't care much for the pages, but it appears she will gnaw her way inside before too long.  Looking forward to the day when she'll sit still long enough to let me turn the pages!

She is now pulling up on her own, especially in her crib.  We're still working on sleeping through the night.  The more mobile she becomes, the harder it is to get her back to sleep because she keeps defaulting to the sitting up position.  It's like there's a hidden lever in the mattress: when I lay her down, she comes right back up, no matter how groggy she is.  You'd think it would be tiring to be a human seesaw!

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