Monday, January 23, 2012

6 months old and mobile!

She's crawling a lot now!!  I'm trying to post a video in the blog but am having trouble getting it to work.  In the mean time, here are a few random things:

Two things that amuse Katelyn:
  1. My electric toothbrush.  Every morning when I'm getting ready and turn it on, she watches me and laughs.  I think she likes the sound.
  2. Baylor chewing on her bone.  Katelyn watches Baylor intently and grins mischeviously. I'm pretty sure she's plotting something because now that she can crawl, she goes straight for Baylor's bone.

That two things scare Katelyn:
  1. When Baylor gets excited and starts running laps inside the house, Katelyn panics a bit.  As soon as Baylor calms down, though, Katelyn is ready to pet her.
  2. She LOVES to play (well, chew on) a rubber duck in the bathtub.  However, when I squeeze the water out of the duck so that it won’t get in her mouth, she flips out!  Something about it scares her and she can’t handle it. 
Why these things scare her and not a Santa suit or gorilla costume is beyond me!

Katelyn has a lot of fun at the doctor's office.  This baby gets bored quickly, but nothing holds her attention longer than sitting on a table covered in paper.
She figured out how to use her little arm to pull more paper from the roll and use her right hand to gather the paper she pulled.  Think of a cat pawing at a roll of toilet paper.

She is an increasingly good eater and her favorite food so far appears to be squash.  She does NOT like pears or apples.  It makes me a little sad.  How can someone favor squash and peas over the delicious sweetness of fruit?!?

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