Monday, April 9, 2012

Moving On!

Dave and I both got great new jobs, so we will be moving soon.  Will we miss Waco?  YES.  I love this quirky town that's loaded with character and diversity.  I love the "biggest small town" feel of it.  I love the Baylor spirit!  And we will especially miss our sweet Waco friends, church, and Katelyn's daycare.  However, God's leading has been very clear to us in making this move.  We have a lot of opportunity ahead and look forward to this next chapter with excitement.

Dave has been commuting to Dallas for the past few weeks, so I've been focusing on getting everything packed and ready to go.  Katelyn HATES-- hates-- the sounds of packing tape and bubble wrap, so I've become pretty good at packing in record time when she is napping and after she has gone to bed.

Katelyn now looks at Dave and says "Dada."  She knows who "Mama" is, because she looks at me and smiles when I say it, but she's still working on it.  As for saying "Baylor", that of course is too difficult right now.  But, I've noticed that she makes the same garbled sound when she "addresses" Baylor or watches her run outside.

A few recent pictures:

This is how she sits in the shopping cart.  Must know what's going on!

 Look, Mom! I opened the drawer all by myself!

Hello, world!  Advantages of having a 6'4" Daddy.

She humored me for the two seconds required to take this picture. Immediately afterwards, she came right at me!

Notice the little toy animals beside her in the above picture. She loves animal sounds. She appears confused by my imitation of an elephant, is mildly amused by the lion, and finds the monkey sound really funny.  Every time.

Stay tuned... Easter pictures coming soon!

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