Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Easter

We had a great Easter weekend. On Easter morning, we attended my dad's church in Garland.  One of the trumpet players in the orchestra had an arm just like Katelyn's!  He was a junior in high school and was so gracious to talk to us, answer questions, and offer advice.  It was neat.

After church everyone met at my sister and brother-in-law's home.  Though the rain put a damper on our plans to grill outside and have an outdoor Easter egg hunt, we had a great time.  Annabelle enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs inside. Katelyn enjoyed throwing the eggs.  Repeatedly.

Cousins Annabelle (almost 3) and Katelyn.  Thanks, Nana, for my cute dress!

Distracted by a bug.  Why is the stuffed lamb the only one looking at the camera?

Granddad and Katelyn 

Wearing her cute bunny outfit from Uncle Joey 

Standing with Daddy 

Shoes?  No thanks.

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