Friday, July 27, 2012

Scottish Rite Update

Katelyn's Scottish Rite check-up for her arm went great!  Absolutely no worries or anything of concern.  The doctor was pleased that she hit all her first year milestones without a problem.  Her next appointment will be in July 2013.  Here are a few things that the doctor reminded us, and the answers to some questions we're commonly asked:

  • Does she have feeling at end of her left arm?  Yes, 100%.  Hot, cold, pain, texture-- the nerve endings are completely normal.  This is why many people don't like wearing prosthetics.  While they look amazing, it just feels like plastic.
  • When will Katelyn get a prosthetic?  Not for years, and we will let it be her choice (for example, if she wants some sort of extension to help her ride a bike).  Given how independent and adaptable she is, though, I wouldn't be surprised if she someday finds that a prosthetic just gets in the way.  
  • Does/will she sometimes feel pain radiate in her left arm?  No.
  • What about the tiny finger at the end of her arm?  It will continue to grow in proportion to her arm and will have some degree of functionality, but it's not going to grow into a full-sized finger that extends out from her arm.  To quote the doctor, "Her arm won't look like a unicorn."  :)

Scottish Rite is like Candy Land for an explorative child like Katelyn.  She was in a great mood and we walked all over the place before her appointment.  I tried getting some normal head-on pictures of her, but those didn't work out because she wouldn't be still. 

A few additional update of some of Katelyn's favorite things:
  • The bunny at daycare.  There is a sweet, docile bunny in the hallway, and Katelyn would be content sitting by the cage all day long, giggling each time the bunny hopped.
  • Our dog, Baylor.  They are BIG buddies.  When I pick Katelyn up in the afternoons, I tell her we are going home.  She immediately starts doing her dog imitation-- sticking her tongue out repeatedly (this is because Baylor licks her ALL THE TIME!).  To Katelyn, Baylor = home.  When Katelyn wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is her dog imitation, as if to say, "I'm awake now.  Where's Baylor?" 
  • Snuggling.  She gives hugs generously and loves to sit in a lap-- any lap.  Her teachers said she is a jealous girl; she does not like it when another child is sitting in the teacher's lap!
  • Playing "chase."  When one of us or Baylor enters the room, she giggles and races in the opposite direction.

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