Monday, August 6, 2012


What a wonderful, blessed year we have had.  Turns out those first few months of colic and sleepless nights really were temporary!  I love the age Katelyn's at right now; it seems every day is a new little milestone or discovery.  Mastering a fish face, closing doors, identifying objects, giving kisses, etc.

We were able to have two family gatherings for her birthday: one in Baytown and one in Dallas.

Some pictures from Baytown:

She LOVED playing in the balls.

Not a huge fan of birthday cake, but we tried.

Swimming with Daddy

with Nana and Cassidy

Cassidy showing her how the horn works.  Katelyn LOVED the car.

Sleepy girl!

Some pics from Dallas:

Enjoying her first popsicle!

Cousins Pierson and Annabelle

on the swings

intrigued by bubbles

Oooo, bubbles are neat!

Figuring out what to do... 

...sort of.

Decides to eat sidewalk chalk instead.

Something doesn't seem right about orange chalk.

Was that not ok to eat? (don't worry, we scooped it out of her mouth)

The next weekend we had a great time with Papa!  Katelyn chose to REALLY take off walking when Papa was here.  She loved walking back and forth to him.

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