Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas: Part 1

Katelyn loves all things Christmas... well, most things Christmas, anyway.

Funny thing is, she likes looking at pictures of Santa, wasn't scared when we were standing in line, and even likes to say "Ho Ho Ho" herself. My parents have pictures of me being equally dramatic.

Safe distance was a candy cane.

We drove around to look at Christmas lights, and Katelyn LOVED it. She constantly said "Ohhh! Ohhh!" and if we passed more than two houses in a row without lights, she frowned and said, "More? More?"  It was really fun.

She is fascinated by the Christmas tree. I modified ours this year. As much as I wanted to put up our beautiful glass ornaments, I didn't know if our little pink tornado would go crazy and pull the tree down. So I opted for non-breakable ones and lots of bells instead. 

Christmas in Texas

She's giving the Christmas tree a hug.

More to come!

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