Friday, December 14, 2012


We had a great Thanksgiving! We went to Mississippi to be with the Taylor family. 

Katelyn quickly identified and befriended MawMaw and said her name all weekend. It was sweet!

She found a latex glove and immediately put it on her arm. It dawned on me later that she picked that up from school, where the teachers wear gloves to change diapers.

She CONSTANTLY asked me to go outside.

Playing with Daddy...

...and Papa. I love Mississippi in the Fall!

 Post- sidewalk face plant. Sometimes leaves just have to be chased!

She was fascinated (and highly entertained) by the bunny statue.

Such a big girl!

Playing one of PawPaw's old autoharps. I love this because it reminds me of children's choir in Snyder!

 Ok, so it's not the best family photo, but it makes me laugh!

So sweet.

Katelyn said her first full sentence over Thanksgiving. While watching a dog show with Dave, she pointed to the TV and said, "That's a doggie."  Am I surprised that her first complete sentence was about an animal?

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