Tuesday, April 1, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

Me: It's supposed to rain tomorrow. I like rain. 
K: I like sparkles. You like rain, and I like sparkles. 

K: Do I have to take a nap today?
Me: Yes. 
K: Why?
Me: Because naps give us energy to play and help keep us healthy. 
K: Ohhhhhhh, I get it now. 
(Note: the next day at school she did not take a nap.)

K: You and me: we are both ladies. Baylor is a dog, mostly. 

K: When I'm older, I will be a bride. Daddy will be my groom. 

K: I will carry a basket of flower petals in Joey and Kelly's wedding. And when I walk down the aisle, everyone will stand up for me.
Me: Not quite. 

K: (while holding a bundle of cilantro) Look, these are my flowers for Joey and Kelly's wedding. 

K: Ooooo, listen to the birdies singing! They are singing "Joy to the World."

K: What was Noah's wife's name? 
Me: I don't think the Bible tells us. 
K: She doesn't have a name?? Maybe it's Mrs. Noah. 

K: Baylor made a bad choice, Mommy. Like Adam and Eve, right? So sad.

Me: I'm confused. WHY are you throwing such a big fit?
K: (between devastated sobs) Because I want to have paws like Baylor!!!!!!

Me: My birthday is on the 22nd. 
K: (blank stare)
Me: Twenty two. Two-two. 
K: (annoyed) You aren't wearing a tutu, Mommy. 

K: Mommy, I want to watch icing.
Me: ...you mean Frozen?
K: Yes.

K: Church is my favorite.

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