Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Box Creations!

One night a week Dave volunteers at Scottish Rite Hospital. I try to use that night as special Mommy/Katelyn time, a chance to do something out of our normal routine. We moved recently and have an abundance of great boxes-- so many ideas! And so began our fascination with building stuff out of boxes...

Obviously, this is a house. It's not really what I imagined, but it works and even ended up with a back door. I probably couldn't replicate it if I tried because I'm not quite sure how we got there. But we love it and Katelyn "decorates" it daily with colors and stickers. 

And then we got this box and I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away. We decided to turn it into a castle, although a canoe was a strong contender. I decided a castle would take up less horizontal space. We seem to add something to it at least once a week. Katelyn and I are both pretty proud of it. Here's the progression over several weeks...

Yes, that's Dave wearing the box. He's 6'4". See why I couldn't throw away such a fantastic box?!

Ribbons for curtains!

"Mommy, I'm in the shower."

And then we decided it should be pink... (Thanks, Valspar, for that free paint promotion you ran back when I was pregnant. I knew we would need pink paint at some point!) 

And what's a castle without butterflies, right? So we searched her room for any butterflies we already had and then made two more out of tissue paper and clothes pins.

Purple! We need purple! Unfortunately, this activity was short-lived because she disobeyed and decided to paint the grass and concrete purple, too.

Then we found a tube of metallic gold paint and some swirly-shaped sponges that I had from random art projects years ago. And, well, it just felt unnatural not to use them, so...

Annnnd here's where we are now. So much fun. And so, so Katelyn, because for months she's informed me at least 5x a day that she likes "pink and purple and butterflies." 

Also... if any of you have any fantastic boxes lying around... we're interested.


  1. Love, love, love!!!!!! And I'd REALLY like to see the purple patio and grass.