Sunday, July 27, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

As K and I were leaving daycare one afternoon...
K's friend: Bye, Katelyn! This is my daddy. I am going to his house. 
K: So this is your new daddy?

K: You must bow when you speak to me. 
(I have no idea where she heard that. It was not well received.)

As the fireworks were starting...
K: Hmm, maybe I should focus. 

I found her lounged in a chair with a blanket stuffed under her shirt, feet elevated, with a blanket draped over her...
Me: Well don't you look comfortable!
K: (very matter of fact and serious) I'm at the hospital. It's time to have baby Zoe. 
Me: Congratulations!
K: Thank you, Dr. Bagnasco. (The name of the doctor who delivered her.)

K: My eyebrows hurt when I go outside. But only outside. See? Look. They hurt. 

Me: I've noticed you've been very good lately! I'm proud of you. 
K: Thank you. You've been pretty good lately, too. 

K: I do not like bugs. They make me allergic. 

K: Mommy!! Baylor ate a butterfly!!!!!! I am NOT happy. This. Is. Ridiculous. 

Me: There's Home Depot. 
K: It's House Depot. 

K: Is my daddy, David Michael, going to be there?

K: I am proud of my Daddy... Because I love him. And Mommy loves him. 

K to me: Hey... You look like Tia Christy. 

While sitting on the closed toilet, K instructs me to pull up a chair...
K: Mommy, let's talk. 
Me: Ok, what are we going to talk about?
K: God. 
Me: Sure, what about God? He loves us very much and--
K: No no no. I talk, you listen. (Pulls out a book) God made the animals and the trees... Do you see, Mommy?
Me: Yes. 
K: Great joooooob!!! Now, shhhh. I talk, you listen. 
(I have no idea why this one-way conversation needed to take place in the bathroom.)

K: I need Minnie Mouse rings. 
Me: Sorry, I don't have any. 
K: Well, we need to buy some at the store. Minnie Mouse rings are $100. 

K: Bien hecho. 
Me: Did you just say "good job" in Spanish?
K: Yes. I speak Spanish. 
(Thanks, Tia Christy!)

Dave: We don't pinch. 
K: Welllllll, I was just being a crab. 

Me: It looks like it could rain again.
K: I think not. The clouds are not that dark.

K: There are 5 babies in my tummy.
Me: That's a lot.
K: Yes. My tummy is quite big. And my babies are quite tired.

K: My bottom is grumpy. 
Me: What does that mean?
K: It means my bottom doesn't want to lie down in my bed and go to sleep. 
Me: Try sleeping on your side. 
K: That won't work. 

After singing a verse of "Be Thou My Vision"...
K: What are riches?
Me: Well, riches can be many things, like silver and gold--
K: And pink and purple!!!!

Me: Tomorrow you get to open your birthday present from Daddy and me. Are you excited?
Me: Is it pink and purple? 

Birthday post coming soon on the blog...

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