Monday, August 4, 2014

3 Years Old

Three years old? Somehow that seems a LOT older than two. Happy birthday to my sweet, independent, determined little firecracker, who inspires me daily and makes me a better person. 

On the morning of her birthday, Nana offered to take Katelyn to breakfast so that Dave and I could get things ready for her party. I quickly agreed and directed them to McDonald's, just down the road near the PetSmart.

They came back with a fish. 

The fish, a pinkish Beta, is low maintenance (well played, Nana), which is good because I fear I'm going to be the cause of its accidental demise. But it's been almost a month and the fish is still alive. 

The fish has had a series of names:
Day 1: Katelyn
Day 2: "First name Goldie, last name Katelyn."
Day 3: "First name Aerial, last name Goldie."

I've lost track at this point, but the fish also goes by Cinderella and Minnie, depending on the day.

Anyway, on to her party. It was a "pink and purple party" because she's constantly telling me that she loves pink and purple. Lots of kids came over to splash around in the little pool and enjoy watermelon cupcakes (mine didn't look this amazing, but they were cute!). Lots of fun!

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