Thursday, November 20, 2014

She keeps us laughing!

Out of the blue, she's developed an affinity for the word "removable" and uses it with great frequency and surprising accuracy. She works "removable" into conversations approximately 5,863 times per day, yet somehow it catches me off guard every single time. Some of my favorites:

Me: Where are your clothes??
K: I took them off because they are removable.

K, watching a Jack in the Box commercial: Haha... hey, is that man's head removable?

K: The toilet is removable.
Me: Technically, yes, but it takes a lot of work to remove a toilet.
K: No, that top part [the tank lid] is removable.

K (playing Barbies): Hi Ken, I'm Barbie. My head is removable.

At CVS, after somehow taking off part of the hardware on the pharmacy's swinging door:
Me: What's in your hand?
K (delighted): I don't know, but look! It's removable.

_ _ _ _ _

K: Is God a boy? 
Me: Um--
K: Nevermind, I think he is a girl.

K (looking out the car window): Why is the moon following us like the Wise Men followed the bright, shining star?

Me: When you disobey, it makes my heart sad.
K: (gives me an awkward hug)
Me: What are you doing?
K: Giving your heart a hug so it's happy.

Dave (watching baseball): That's the umpire. He calls the shots.
K (long pause): But... why does the umpire call the doctor?

K: Look at these bumps on my tummy. They are hairballs because I chewed on my hair. I don't know what to do about them.

Dave to me: When you're finished with that, can we talk about dinner?
Me (while designing something): This is a weekend project. Just tell me when you're hungry.
Dave: I'm hungry.
K (matter of fact): Then you can make dinner all by yourself. 
(The two of them then sweetly made dinner together)

Me: You have two minutes until you have to get out of the bathtub.
K: (no response)
Me: Say 'Ok, mama.'
K (distracted): Ok.
Me: Do you know what you're saying ok to?
K: Yes. Mama.

K: Mommy, you didn't shut that drawer all the way.
Me: Sorry. I know that drives you crazy. Nobody's perfect. Well, except Jesus.
K: Yeah. I bet Jesus knew how to shut drawers all the way.

K: Today, my name is Cupcake. Please call me Cupcake.

Me (at the doctor): I sit in this chair because I am the patient.
K: But I want you to be my mommy!!!!!

Me: No, you don't need a sucker right now. We really save candy for special occasions.
K: But I AM a special occasion!!!

K: Where did you buy our car?
Me: At a place in Waco. Our friend Claire helped us.
K: Does Claire speak French?
Me: Um... that's random... I don't know.
K: When I be 4, I want to go to her house and ask her.

K: I have on sunglasses, a bracelet, and a necklace. I am a rock star. (suddenly changing her mind) Nevermind, I don't need these supplies.

K: I want to be a doctor when I grow up. No, I want to be a snowflake.

K: It's ok to have eyeballs.

Me: Why didn't you nap?
K: Katelyn and Freddy (stuffed animals) were talking and kept me awake.

K: What's this song called?
Me: All Creatures of Our God and King.
K: And Princess????

K: Thank you, God, for my dolls and my lips and my arms... (pats little arm and smiles) This little arm. (LOVE!!!!!)

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