Monday, January 19, 2015

Scottish Rite/Little Arm Update

We just had Katelyn's annual Scottish Rite arm appointment. Such a wonderful place!! Her appointment was great, as expected. Because there are no complications with her little arm, Scottish Rite's role now and in the future will be to help us problem solve. Whatever Katelyn develops an interest in--whether it be jumping rope, riding a bike, playing the violin, etc--Scottish Rite can help make that happen. Knowing Katelyn's personality, I think she would be strongly opposed to wearing a prosthetic. However, Scottish Rite makes all sorts of "extensions" that help assist kids with limb differences do the things they love to do.

Katelyn's been asking a lot of questions lately: When I get older, will I still have my little arm? Or will it get bigger? Can I be a mommy someday and still have a little arm? Why do I have a little arm and my friends have big arms? Why did God make my little arm? Some questions are easier to answer than others, but all are important. I should emphasize that she does not have a resentful or pouty attitude toward her difference. 

One thing I think is cool is that her little arm below her elbow bends both ways, much like a wrist can flex to the left and the right. I asked the doctor about this, thinking maybe those bones were double jointed. The doctor said it's likely that as Katelyn has adapted over time, she probably hyperextended her little arm and now it works to her advantage. At any rate, it's fun to watch her problem solve so quickly to do everyday tasks like putting on socks, unwrapping a band-aid, or opening a package of string cheese. She may do things a little differently, but her FIERCE determination and independence serve her well.

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