Saturday, February 13, 2016

She keeps us laughing!

K: When I get married, I'd like to wear your wedding dress if it fits.
Me: Ok, that sounds good!
K: Do we open presents at the reception?
Me: No, that waits until after the wedding.
K: Ok, well, I'd like a mixer.
Me: You have big plans, don't you?
K: Yep.

K: I would like Annabelle and Zoe to be my maids of honor someday.
Dave: You'll need a man first.
Me: And to go to kindergarten.
K: What do I need a man for?

K: Mommy, can you go put this in the fridge for me, please?
Me: Why can't you?
K: Oh, this is just a favor.

Me: You kind of stink since you've been outside.
K: No I don't, I smell like roses.

Me: Are you going to answer me?
K: Mommy, you are interrupting my concentration.

K: How does a baby get in a mommy's tummy?
Me: God puts it there.
K: But HOW does it GET THERE?
Me: I need some time to think about how to explain this to you. I'll tell you more when you're a little older.
K: That's what you said yesterday and today I AM older.

K: I want to know how toys are made. Hey, I'll be a toy maker when I grow up!! I still want to be everything, but that includes a toy maker.

Me: God loves everybody.
K: Even the bad guys in Germany? (No offense to Germany. She is just still obsessed with The Sound of Music.)

K: We were playing The Sound of Music at school and [name] didn't want to be Louisa! She wanted to be Marta and that didn't make sense because Louisa is taller than Marta and [name] is tall!!
Me: Have any of your friends even seen The Sound of Music?
K: No.
Me: So they just play along with whatever you tell them to do?
K: Yeah, most of the time. Sometimes they don't cooperate.

K: Mommy, today is my birthday!
Me: Um, no it's not.
K: Yes it is, today I'm Marta! And it's Tuesday. I'm seven. I'd like my pink parasol, please.

Me: We're going to look at more houses tonight.
K: Ugh, again? This is exhausting. I just want a night to stay at home and relax.
Me: Sometimes I forget that you're only four.

Kid at school: I'm scared of Heaven.
K: No! Let me tell you! Heaven is a wonderful place! We get to meet JESUS. And the Father. And all the people who asked Jesus into their hearts. So don't be scared of Heaven. 

Me: Guess what? In the new house, your closet is huge. There's lots of space to hang dresses and built in shelves for purses and shoes and stuff.
K: I am about to cry happy tears! Seriously, I am crying happy tears right now!!!

K: A friend at school asked me why I'm always singing.
Me: And what did you tell her?
K: Um, because I LIKE to sing...!?!?!

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