Saturday, January 16, 2016

She keeps us laughing!

K: (pointing to a box of gauze at the store) Can we buy some of this? I'd like to turn my Baby Alive doll into a mummy.

K: I want to be on a team someday. Actually, I want to be a cheerleader with a little arm. 

K: What does apartment start with?
Me: A.
K: No it doesn't, it starts with U. Uh-partment.

K: When I'm older, I want to run races and win. ON TV. How do I do that?

K: I'm bored of four. How much longer until I'm five?

K: We're getting those dogs on tv.
Dave: Not right now. You know what we're getting instead? A baby.
K: Do you think we're also getting a Golden Retriever? (?????)

K: This is my doll, Molly. Her middle name is Tamale.

K: Mommy, will you please open my candy cane? If you dare...

K: Maybe I just want to be "everything" when I grow up.

K: What does "the shepherds trembled" mean?
Me: They were afraid. The shepherds were not expecting to see an angel or the bright heavenly hosts in the sky.
K: Oh, they didn't actually SEE angels.
Me: No?
K: Of course not. They had to use their imaginations.

K (after a long discussion about Heaven): DADDY!!! Mommy said I will see you in Heaven!!
Dave: That's great, but I was hoping to see you a lot sooner than that...

K: Who built God?
Me: Great question. The Bible says He's been here since the beginning...
K: But HOW did he get here?
Me: I'm not really sure how to explain this to you, but I'll try--
K: Ok, then can we just sing Jingle Bell Rock?

K: How does a baby stay in a mommy's tummy?
Me: Um, the passage we've talked about is blocked. The baby stays put until the mommy's body says it's time.
Dave: (rolling his eyes)
Me, to Dave: You want to take a shot at explaining this?
Dave: Katelyn, these things just happen.
K (dissatisfied): That's all you want to say?

Me: Your room is a disaster.
K (grinning): Would you say it's a catastrophe?

K: I have a lot of questions for God when I get to Heaven.

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