Friday, August 26, 2016

She keeps us laughing!

K: Well, look at Ryan wearing black and white stripes! Like he's in a little jail.

(After a VERY rough night behavior-wise, I wearily put K to bed. She looked at me and sweetly said, "Mommy, why are you so pretty? You just get prettier every day!" (Arrrrrghhhhh!!!)

K (whispering loudly during the sermon at church): Is God a hundred?

K (who takes flossing very seriously): God said, "Can you please floss your teeth for me?"

Me: How do you remember all the Shopkins' names? There are so many!
K (under her breath): It's because I'm magic.

K (watching Olympic diving on tv): OH! I would like to do that.

K: I'm tired of holding Ryan. He smells funny.

K (after going potty): Ok, what's our next activity?

K: I want to be everything when I grow up... except an astronaut. Yikes, I do NOT want to be an astronaut!

K: What's your favorite type of meat? Turkey? Ham? Spam?
Me: Ew, I don't think Spam counts... what's YOUR favorite? 
K: Bunny tails.

K: Do you have a thing to put my quarters in?
Me: Like what?
K: A camcorder?

K, while riding the Gator out on Joey's land: Oh no, we're almost out of petrol.

K (very matter of fact): Mommy, you're pretty and I love you, but you're crazy.

K, after a long talk about being good sports whether we win or lose, and then beating me in a matching game: (gives me a hug) Thanks for trying, Mommy.

K, eating a snow cone: WOW. I could eat this for days. Seriously, it's really that good.

K (very serious): Mommy, I need to tell you something. A fly went into a toilet and I flushed it.

K: There are 50 gods!
Me: No, one God.
K: How can one God watch over all of us at the same time? 
Me: Because He's God, He's all powerful... where are you getting 50?
K: There are 50 states!

K: Don't get anything out of my backpack today except my lunchbox. NOTHING ELSE.
Me: ... 
Found inside her take home folder: "Katelyn is a very bright girl. Very friendly! Please talk to her about paying attention during the lesson."

Me: Did a lot of kids at Kindergarten ask about your little arm?
K: Yes, A LOT. (with a twinkle in her eye) Some of them I answered, some of them I didn't.


K, out of the blue and suddenly very emotional: I don't want a pretend arm!!
Me: You mean a prosthetic? No one said you have to have one... No one even thinks you need one!
K: It's just... I LIKE my little arm, and I can do everything with it, so I don't want anything pretend!!!!!
Me: You never have to have anything on your little arm that you don't want. It's just an option that some people like but it's completely your choice.
K: I want my little arm forever, just the way it is.

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  1. What wonderful experiences! You obviously have a superior child!