Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ryan at 6 months

And the Best Little Brother award goes to Ryan! He has such a sweet temperament. Having a 5 yr old sister means getting dragged all over the place for big sis: dance recital, pre-k graduation, Meet the Teacher, first day of kindergarten, soccer, etc. And he handles it like a champ, rarely fussing and always taking in the new surroundings with a smile. It’s no wonder the second child is typically more of a “go with the flow” type. They really don’t have a choice! I know he will become more opinionated as he gets older but I’m glad he’s content for now.

6 months… let’s see. Even though he now has two teeth, he still chews on his feet any time they are within reach. He sucks his thumb (just like he did at every one of my ultrasounds) when he’s tired and won’t take a pacifier. He loves to nap and still sleeps all night. Singing to him (especially Old McDonald or The Hokey Pokey) will ALWAYS make him smile, and Katelyn can make him laugh like no other.

The first time he tried baby food was pretty funny. Our timing was off-- he was clearly not in the mood to eat. After a nap, he did great and has liked every food we've tried so far.

He doesn’t particularly like to be rocked and isn’t much of a cuddler (*tear*), but when he’s in the mood he saves his cuddles for Daddy instead of me (that seems fair since I gave birth and all). He always prefers to stand (with help) and be up high… and if you call him a big boy, he proudly grins from ear to ear. He is crazy close to crawling but seems to think climbing or a bear crawl is the way to get there:

I missed Katelyn's first crawl because I was working so I'm determined to see Ryan's. He's really active and manages to get where he needs to go, though, so who knows when it will happen!

Reflux is almost completely gone now, except for his uncanny timing to puke on or near Tia Christy (sorry!). He babbles all the time and if you say mama, dada, or Katelyn, he grins and kicks his legs in excitement. Love, LOVE this sweet boy.

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