Sunday, January 29, 2017

She keep us laughing!

K: Mommy, when you're not looking, I'm going to turn myself into an object.
Me: Ok, what object?
K: A piece of paper. Don't worry, I'll write "Katelyn" all over it.

K: You really should be on America's Funniest Videos, Ryan.

K: Kwik Kar starts with a K instead of a Q and that bothers me!
Me: It bothers me, too! But you just have to make your peace with it because that's the name they chose and it's not going to change.
K: Well, the building could burn down.

K (starting to color): Ok guys, are you ready for some quality?

K: I want to be everything when I grow up, except an astronaut, but I also don't want to be a fireman or policeman. I really just like ambulances. 

K (handing me an empty water bottle): Since you're a nice lady, would you throw this away for me?

K (forgetting the words to a song, so making up new "words"): Glhsboej, fjakuvek, zzuiedwad...
Me: Those aren't words! That's not even a language.
K: It's French.

K: I'm a bumblebee. And this bumblebee really knows how to party!

K: Do unicorns have curly hair?
Me: Sure, if you want! Of course, I've never seen one since they aren't real.
Me: Um, I thought you knew they were just pretend... didn't you ever wonder why we didn't see one at the zoo?

K: It's a hot mess out here!
Me: It's 34 degrees.
K: But the sun is shining! Let's go ride my bike!

K (after making paper snowflakes for 2 days straight): I definitely want to be a snowflake maker when I grow up.

K: I've decided the challenge for myself is to learn how to braid,
Me: That's cool! Where is this coming from? Did your teacher encourage you to think of a personal challenge?
K: No, this is my own challenge that I thought up.
Me: That's great! Do you want me to show you how to braid?
K: No thanks, this is MY challenge. I'll do it.

Me: Does Annabelle care that you call her "Anna"?
K: No, but she doesn't like it when I call her Snickerdoodle.

K: When Daddy was a police officer, did he fight bad guys?
Me: Yes.
K: Did he carry a sword?

K: I have the burps.

K: Can we do facials... with cucumbers?!?
Me: Sure, but that really sounds like Tia Christy's department...

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