Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ryan at 9 months

9 months old (ok, almost 10 months because I'm posting late)! It's hard to believe Ryan has been in the outside world for as long as he was inside of me! What fun he is! He's become very vocal... and with an extremely talkative big sis, it's sink or swim, buddy. He says Mama and Dada and makes it clear that whatever else he's "saying" is very important. Tonight before bed he told Dada "nigh nigh" and waved-- that caught us by surprise! And judging by how opinionated he's become, I have a feeling his ability to say "no" is coming soon...

He's really, REALLY active and will crawl over--not around--anything in his way. He pulls up on everything and finds a way to get where he wants to be. A few funny quirks:
  • He loves daddy's toes. Not sure why (they are just normal toes!), but he is completely fascinated by them.
  • If I'm holding him and open the refrigerator door, he practically leaps out of my arms for the egg carton. I guess he likes the texture because he would scratch it all day long if I let him.
  • He thinks Katelyn playing with a Slinky is hilarious.
  • He loves climbing on the bathroom stool... even if Katelyn is standing on it.
  • His highlight of each morning is watching me use my electric toothbrush. He watches so intently and then laughs and laughs.
  • Checking the mail is one of his favorite things and he kicks his legs in excitement when he realizes we're headed for the mailbox.
  • His favorite toy is an empty Tylenol bottle with just a rock in it. Shake, shake, shake!
  • He's FINALLY decided he likes to eat Gerber Puffs. I was starting to worry about fine motor skills because he had no interest in picking up small food. But now that half the container of Puffs is suddenly gone... I think we're good.

Katelyn has learned that she can pick him up and gently carry haul him around, and he thinks it's pretty funny.

We've taken full advantage of the fireplace in our new house, and he loves it as much as we do.

And, one of my favorite pictures ever:

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