Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye... Hello!

Well, we've moved.  We could not have done this without the help of our mothers!  THANK YOU both for helping with Katelyn and helping us clean, unpack, and organize.  We love and appreciate you!

She wants to walk!

I like my job so far and Dave continues to like his.  Katelyn started daycare this week and it seems to be going well.

Katelyn updates:
  1. Coincidentally with the timing of our move, Katelyn now waves hello and goodbye.  Whenever we enter or leave a room or she hears "hi" or "bye," she waves.  It's really cute.  She even waved goodbye to our home in Waco.
  2. She has added "Nana" to her vocabulary.  I'm sure spending a week with Nana helped. :)
  3. She wants to feed herself with her spoon.  This is not always a good idea, as she has no problem making a mess, getting her hands dirty, or splattering food all over me. As I was packing, I discovered dried splashes of sweet potato in strange places.
  4. She is a busy, busy girl!  This child LOVES to play and explore.  I have yet to find a toy or activity that keeps her attention longer than 15 seconds (except Praise Baby!).  It's fun to watch her imagination develop. We put several pacifiers in her crib at night, and one morning I watched her on the baby monitor.  She had gathered the pacifiers and was happily playing her own little game of "throw each pacifier down as hard as possible."
  5. She is deceptively destructive.  She really seems to enjoy throwing things and/or knocking things over.  And she's FAST!  While my Mom was eating lunch, Katelyn sweetly pulled up into her lap... and then picked up her plate of food and threw it on the ground, shattering it.  If Katelyn had two hands, I think we'd be in trouble.
  6. She can identify her little Noah's Ark animals.  For example: I hold the cow in one hand and the lion in my other hand and say "Katelyn, where's the lion?"  She then reaches for the lion.  This also works if I just make the animal sound instead of saying its name.  She specifically likes hitting/throwing the cow. 
  7. There's a picture of Dave and me hanging in our bedroom, and one day I was holding her eye level with the picture.  She started smiling and kicking her legs.  I said, "Where's Daddy?" and she moved her hand over Dave's face.  Same with Mama.  She did this several times and was so excited!
  8. We got Baylor a new toy, and Katelyn thinks it's HILARIOUS to watch Baylor play with it.  I've never seen her laugh so hard for so long.  It's so funny.
Look, she's wearing shoes! And she wore them ALL DAY!

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