Thursday, May 17, 2012


The blanket that came with Katelyn's bedding has flowers and butterflies on it.  Katelyn has recently taken interest in it and gets so excited to point out the flowers and butterflies when I ask her which is which.  She especially loves the butterflies, I think because of their texture on the blanket.

She had her first ear infection.  10 months without an ear infection isn't bad!  Though I could tell a drastic difference in her energy level, she was still active.  As the doctor watched a bleary-eyed, feverish Katelyn wiggle out of my arms to crawl across the room, she made the comment, "Well, being sick doesn't seem to slow her down."  Amused, I replied, "Actually, this is lethargic Katelyn.  She's crawling a lot slower than usual."  NOTHING slows this child down from exploring.  Though I know she'll be a handfull when she starts walking, I can't help but love her curiosity.

Mealtime has been challenging lately.  She seems to enjoy being a messy eater. Awhile back, she started slapping a spoonful of food right before it entered her mouth.  So I began holding her hand down when feeding her. Now, she finds it more entertaining to "bat" the spoon with her left arm. That little arm is FAST!  It's just the right length to swing at the spoon when I least expect it-- and it's hard to hold down.  I don't even think she notices that she has food on her arm, fingers, neck, face, hair, etc.  Her new daycare mentioned that she enjoys painting.  I'm not surprised.

As she is growing, the tiny finger on her left arm is growing, too. Obviously, it will never be the size of a normal finger, and it's way too soon to see how much functionality it will have. But Katelyn has discovered it and recently used it to pull on MawMaw's necklace.  She seems intrigued by the little finger and I often catch her chewing on it or poking at it.

A few additional updates:
  • She has FOUR teeth (all upper) that have just barely cut through!  They seem to be coming in at about the same pace... that can't be comfortable.
  • She can crawl up a flight of stairs... and is super cute doing it!
  • She loves refrigerator magnets (mostly just knocking them off)
  • She understands the word "shoe" and tries to say it.  When I'm putting her shoes on her, she points to the shoe, grins, and makes a "shh" sound.

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  1. I stopped by your blog today! Katelyn is as cute as ever!