Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recent Visits

Dave's grandfather (PawPaw) passed away recently so we made a trip to Mississippi for the funeral.  Though the circumstances were sad, it was good to see family.

Katelyn wins the Miss Congeniality award for friendliest baby EVER.  She made a friend everywhere we went: the nice man with the mustache at the funeral home, the pallbearer with the funny glasses, the man with the chef's hat at the Chinese restaurant.  Katelyn's smile is infectious. 

She was quite the social butterfly at PawPaw's visitation.  As the room filled with people, it became increasingly hard to contain her (and after riding in the car for 9 hours, I can't blame her for being active).  And she waved at EVERYONE.  PawPaw sure loved her smile, so it's only fitting that she brought joy to an occasion that honored his life.  She was never "bad" on the trip.  Just reallyreallyreally active. 

Katelyn and Papa 

Katelyn and MawMaw

She LOVES looking out doors.

The next weekend Katelyn and I had a chance to visit with some wonderful friends who also used to live in Waco.  Just to put Katelyn's speed into perspective: she can crawl as fast as Ellie (3 months older) can run.  Very cute watching them play together.

Our attempt to take a picture of the four of us.  Fail.

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