Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall... literally

We were so excited to take Katelyn to her school carnival on Friday night. She was going to be dressed as a Dalmation puppy-- so cute! 

Instead, we spent Friday evening at an after-hours clinic. At 5:00 on Friday, Katelyn tripped and fell at school and, in the process, bit all the way through the skin underneath her bottom lip. OUCH. It didn't appear that she needed stitches, but we went to a clinic as a precaution. 

Long story short, it was a horrible experience on every possible level.


Thankfully, the doctor confirmed that Katelyn probably didn't need stitches, unless we just wanted to go that route. We did not. She gave us an antibiotic prescription in case of infection, and we were outta there. Despite the antibiotic, Katelyn ended up getting impetigo anyway (infectious rash that spreads, often the result of a nearby injury) on her chin, which was also not fun. But we're over that now and I'm grateful.

This picture was taken two days later, but you can kind of see the cut underneath her lip. 

Since we didn't make it to the school carnival, we joined cousin Annabelle for Trunk or Treat at Annabelle's church. It was fun! 

Dalmation Katelyn and Cinderella Annabelle... and one of my favorite pictures ever! They are such sweet friends and cousins.

At the petting zoo... and likely contemplating eating the animal food herself.

Finally getting to pet a goat

giving the giant pumpkin a hug

Loved the bean bag toss

October was rough. Katelyn also had a stomach virus and major teething misery (but those two molars FINALLY came through, hooray!). Here's to hoping for a much smoother November!

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