Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parent/Child Dedication

We had Katelyn's Parent/Child Dedication at church recently. Since we moved and were in between churches, the timing never worked out for us to do it when she was a baby. My parents, sister, and her family came to the dedication.

Katelyn was in full activity mode, running up and down the hallway before the service started. She did not want to be held and squirmed and fussed up until they called our name to stand before the congregation. She behaved for the two minutes we stood there, and then the minute we left the Sanctuary, she bolted from our arms and loudly ran down the hallway. At least she was good when it counted!

See what I mean? Flight risk.

A few other updates:
  • She's communicating more clearly with us through nodding/shaking her head, saying no (a lot!), additional baby sign language, and a little bit of talking (though it takes awhile for us to translate what she's really saying).
  • She runs everywhere she goes. EVERYWHERE.
  • She's in a growth spurt and has a huge appetite. Her current favorite food is strawberries.
  • Her word for Annabelle is "Beh"-- as in, AnnaBEHlle. I didn't live close to one of my cousins until I was 16, so I'm glad Katelyn gets to share lots of childhood memories with Annabelle (and Annabelle's sister Zoe, who will make her debut in April). Plus, having my sister nearby is just convenient. I'm glad she started the parenting thing before me, because she is full of good advice!
  • Katelyn LOVES books, music, coloring, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and PraiseBaby. She doesn't stay with one activity for more than 10 minutes.
  • She is most often disciplined for hitting something (or someone) when she's mad. And she makes valiant effort to avoid eye contact with the person disciplining her.
  • She loves throwing trash in the trash can and putting dirty clothes in her hamper. We love this, too, and are taking full advantage. :)

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