Wednesday, February 25, 2015

She Keeps Us Laughing!

First, some deep thoughts by Katelyn...

  • Why does Donald have a duck voice but Daisy doesn't?
  • Why don't we see toots?
  • If there's a baby in a mommy's tummy, and the mommy lays on her tummy, does it squish the baby?
  • At MawMaw's funeral, she was in a casket. When Mary and Joseph died, did they share a casket so they could be together?
  • (reading a Bible story) That picture shows Sarah with a cane because she was so old. She can't hold baby Isaac AND walk with a cane!


Me: What's in your drawing?
K: Oh, you know, just a lot of ideas.

K (after teaching her to win at Tic-Tac-Toe): WOW. I love, love, LOVE to win!!!!

K: Mommy, talk about something.
Me: Ok, baby Baylor was a very cute puppy--
K: Welllllll, baby Katelyn was also very cute. Let's talk about her.

K: I don't feel well.
Me: I think that's your body telling you to go to sleep.
K: But... my body doesn't tell me that, it doesn't have a face.

K: My hand is a flower and my fingers are the flower petals. My little arm is the garden.

K (pointing to the end of a train): Is that the commode?

K: Daddy, will you play "Holy, Holy, Holy" and "Joyful, Joyful" on the piano?
D (thumbing through the hymnal): Ok, where is it...
K: #2 and #7. (this is correct)

Me: If you're going to play Mary, you need to wear clothes. It was probably cold that night in Bethlehem.
K: We're not in Bethlehem.

Me: Katelyn, don't do that.
K: Well, my name is Cupcake, so...

Me: We don't have money for that.
K: Well, we need to go buy some more money.

K: I don't like robots; I like chickens.

K: Kristoff and Princess Anna (from Frozen) are the mommy and daddy.
Me: Who are their children?
K: Alex and Felicia. (??????)

Me: No school or work for us today! We are on vacation!
K: Yep! And today I'm going to be LAZY.

K: Want some of my cereal?
Me: Thanks, but I can't eat it because it has corn in it.
K: (begins searching for corn)
Me: It doesn't look like corn you normally see. It's just one of the ingredients.
K: So the corn is silent?

K: Mommy, are you going to grow some more?
Me: No, I'm done growing.
K: Well, you seem a little bit small.

Me: You don't get to make choices for other people. For one thing, you're THREE.
K: (between sobs) I want to be four!!!

K: Holy moly, look at all those birds! I can't get over this.

Me: Don't do that. I don't want to tell you again. 
K: *sigh* I am still learning, Mommy.

K: Does that flashlight work?
Me: No, and I don't know what we need to fix it.
K: A daddy?

K: Baylor, how was Dog's Day Out? (in her best dog voice) Well, my heart fluttered!

K: Let's think of words that rhyme with meatloaf.
Me: Um... maybe a different word...
K: Ok, pajamas.
Me: Um...
K: Picture??

K: Mommy, do you like me?
Me: Yes!
K: Well, I like me the most.

K: Three is boring. I'm tired of three.

Me: That's enough.
K: I don't want to "enough"!!

K: Who's the line leader at work?
Dave: [A man named] Jesus.
K: Hey, my name is not Sus!

K, after a big sneeze: Mommy, I have some bless you on my shirt.

Me: It's time for bedtime prayers. Is there anything in particular you want to pray about?
K: Yes. Let's thank him that I can do things with my little arm. (LOVE!!!!)

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