Sunday, April 19, 2015

Prayers and She Keeps Us Laughing!

K: Dear God, thank you for bugs. Except ants. They do not belong in our house!! Thank you for everything except ants. And thank you for all the polka dots.

K: Thank you, God, for pots and pans and watering cans. And I don't like bad guys. Amen.

K: Dear God, thank you for Jesus dying on the cross for us and doing important things. And thank you for Frozen. I like Frozen. And thank you for the clouds, plants, trees, and flowers. I like flowers the best because they are soooo cute and beautiful.

K: Dear God, thank you for all the people, and thank you for all the people who are sick. And if they are about to die, Grandad can pray with them. Amen.

K: Dear God, thank you for snacks. Healthy snacks that take care of our bodies. Please help Zoe to feel better. And please help Mommy's shirt that snagged.

K: Dear God, thank you for Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue.

K: Dear God, thank you for Baylor. And I hope you have a wonderful day, God. Goodnight.

K: Thank you God for everything. Help me to have a wonderful day. Thank you for the cows and Mary and Joseph. I love you, God. Thank you for Jesus. Amen.

K: Dear God, I love you, Jesus. And of course we need something. And I hope I grow up. Amen.

K: Thank you God for roses. That's a type of flower. Anyway, amen.

K: Thank you for my little arm and that I can use it to hug people. [It's all about perspective!!]


K: I don't play with [name] much. 
Me: Who's that?
K: A black kid in my class.
Me: Ok... maybe you don't go around calling him black.
K (very innocently): Oh... I know!! I could call him negro! That is the Spanish word for black!!!
Me: Noyoucan'tsaythat. Just call him friend.

K (showing Tia Christy a crayon): Do you know all about fuchsia?

Me: Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite! 
K: I don't have bed bugs.
Me: It's just a silly rhyme. A little joke.
K: I don't like jokes.


K: A mosque is an old butterfly.

Dave: I'm going to go to that mega garage sale.
K: Noooo, we don't need another garage!

Nana: When daddy and Michael were little, they were mice in a Christmas play.
K: What was Stephen?
Nana: I don't know.
K: Cheese?

K: Mommy, last time you wore those shoes, you said they hurt your feet.
Me: Yes, but I'm prepared with bandaids this time and we're kind of in a hurry, so I'm just going to go with it.
K (unwavering): MOMMY. This is not a good choice.
Me: Well, maybe you can come with me sometime to buy new shoes.
K: YES!! After school we should go buy you some new shoes. Some red, sparkly shoes!

K: If I had a pet worm, it would need to be a girl worm and be pink and purple. And then I would pet it. I don't like boy worms.

K: Did you know my spit is sparkly?

K: Wait, I forgot to draw eyelashes on my person...there, now she looks like a proper person.

Me: Do the different colors of goldfish taste different? 
K: Yes. Red tastes like apple.
Me: And green?
K: Froggy.

K: Baylor wants to play with me but I am not available.

K (watching the news): Have we seen this one before?
Me: Well, the news is different every day.
K: But that looks like the same girl we saw talking last night...

K: Mickey, are you cold? Well, probably not since you are wearing gloves.

Me: Where are you going?
K (escaping the bathtub): Just let me be, sister.

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