Friday, June 26, 2015

She Keeps Us Laughing!

Me: You've been really good lately. After a rough week, what made you act better? 
K: I wanted to get God's attention.

K: When I be four, I want to ride a horse. And a camel!!! Oooo, can we ride camels? And a reindeer. And an elephant. But first a camel. I will be a little bit scared on the elephant, so I will want to be in your lap, Mommy. But just a little scared. Mostly brave.

K: When I'm done being a doctor, I want to be a singer. And then a hula dancer and a teacher.

K: I'm very stylish.

Me: You won't ever get chicken pox--
K: Because I am allergic to chicken!!!

Me (singing): The wise man built his house upon the rock--
K: (holds up her hand) WAIT. Is this the wise man that went to see Jesus?

K (biting off the fin of a goldfish cracker): Ha, now he can't swim!

K: I think my nose whistled!!!

K (loudly, while hearing national anthem at Tia Christy's graduation): Is this a Jesus song?

K: I know princesses like Snow White and Belle and Sleeping Beauty are just characters from a long time ago. But Elsa and Anna-- they are real because they're new. They haven't died yet.

Me: You're getting that sucker in your hair.
K: Sorry. That's what children are like.

(after bringing back a stuffed poodle from Nana's)
Me: Where did Poodle Loodle come from?
K: Her name isn't Poodle Loodle anymore. It's Pink Sweet. Before that, her name was Abigail.

K: How do we get to Heaven?
Me: That's a great question--
K: Also, will I always have brown hair?

Me: Look at the rainbow!
K: Did you know there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow??
Me: Wouldn't that be great? It's just pretend, though.
K: No really, it's there. 
Me: But think about it. How would we ever get to it?
K: (pause) Just trust me on this, Mom. Peppa Pig said it.

K (after randomly running in circles): That was exercise.

Me: Why are you refusing to wear your white shoes??
K: Well, white is not a good color for me! I like pink and purple!

Katelyn and Annabelle (delighted): We heard the birds chirping! And we looked outside the window and the sky is blue! That means it's morning!!!
Me, glancing at the clock: It's also 6:00 a.m. And y'all are crazy.
Annabelle: But the clock says 6:08.
Me: That does not make it better.

K: I ate all the banana cake I made in the bathtub!
Me: Yummy!
K: I ate it for real.
Me: Wait, are you saying you ate the bubbles?
K: No, I just drank the water! I'm not going to eat commercial bubbles!

K: Daddy, did you win?
Dave: It (golf lesson) wasn't a contest. It was just practice.
K: Yeah, but who won?
Dave: No one, it wasn't a race.
K: Mmm hmm. Did you win?
Dave: Yes.
K: Good job!!!!!

K: I find my sense of humor funny.


  1. I find her sense of humor funny, too! Thanks so much for bringing us all such joy by sharing these precious moments! I love you.

  2. Thank you, Aunt Kathie! I love you, too!