Sunday, October 11, 2015

She keeps us laughing!

K: Does Siri have a mommy and daddy?

K: My legs are aching for a race. Let's go!!!!! (takes off running)

K (poking me): Hmm. You have a lot of hips, don't you?

K to me: We can both be Wonderwoman. She's a brunette too, you know.

Me: Where did you go?
K: In the living room. I met a precious man named David there.

K (loudly on her first Sunday in big church): Why is this prayer taking so long??

K: Can I have a hamster?
Me: Absolutely not. Besides, Baylor would get it!
K: Oh fine. When I'm older, I'll have 2 cats, a hamster, and Baylor. Baylor will be old by then so she will die soon.
Me: Katelyn!
K: Well it's true! She WILL die when she's old! 
Me: Yes, but--
K: I'm just telling the truth! Isn't that what God wants me to do, tell the truth? I'm just doing what God wants!!!

K: Maybe we should name the baby Snowflake!

K (5 minutes into Charlotte's Web): This is a long movie. No thank you. (leaves room)

K, after falling down: I am just a broken machine today!

K: Mommy!!! Did you know that when a mommy has a baby in her tummy, her bottom gets bigger too???
Me: I'm aware.

K, to the tune of "Skip to My Lou": God improves you and me...

K, praying: ...and keep the baby safe. And it's a girl--fine, if it's a boy--not fine.

K, to me: Well. You're already gaining some weight in the tummy area.

K: Why do people always ask about my little arm?
Me: Well, it's not that common and people are curious. You have a great chance to tell others that God makes each of us special! Not everyone knows about God, you know.
K: People don't know about the gods?
Me: ONE God. The Bible says there is one God.
K: I'm pretty sure the Bible says there are 12.
Me: That's disciples. Jesus had 12 disciples.

Me: What's your new teacher's name?
K: I call her Serena.
Me: Is that her name?
K: No, but I think that's a pretty name, so I call her Serena.

Me: Hey, you traced numbers! Good job! Wait...
K: I made them curly because I wanted them to look pretty.
(You can see where she got bored with the normal way on row 1, #4.)

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