Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Music in our veins

Whether it be just singing for no reason or someone playing the piano, electric bass, or another random instrument, it seems like there is always some type of music going on in our house. Given that music (college choir) is what brought Dave and me together in the first place, I love this. 

Playing the trombone. (I'm still unclear on why we have a trombone, but I've made my peace with it.) Girl's got some strong lungs!

Playing Daddy's harmonica

Hosting a Disney singalong. This went on for about 30 minutes and we all had parts so that we could be "A TRIO!!!!!"

Singing along with the player piano at Walmart. This happened a LOT in December, so if you were one of the customers greeted by her free concert as you entered the store... hope you enjoyed it.

Speaking of Christmas carols, oh my goodness. Katelyn listens to Christmas music all year long, so you can just imagine the holiday spirit at our house this year. We've sat at the piano and sung Christmas carols many times and driving in the car is just a little bit merrier when everyone is singing along to the radio.

On a related note, Katelyn's current obsession is The Sound of Music. She LOVES all the songs and sobs when the movie ends because she doesn't want it to be over. And for the past two days she's asked that I call her "Gretel." We've also been learning solfege in children's choir, so do-re-mi makes a lot of sense to her now. 

I think back to when I was pregnant with Katelyn and how HARD she would kick me anytime there was music... I'm not at all surprised that she loves music as much as she does!

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